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Our company supplies and installs cool roofing systems for residential homes and commercial buildings. We have created this helpful cool roofing systems guide to showcase some of the work we have done as well as display some of the roofing profiles that we supply and install.

Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum Shingle roofing system is one of our most popular residential metal roofing profiles. All Aluminum Shingle Roofing systems we install include breathable roofing underlayment, adequate roof ventilation, and lifetime non prorated material and labor warranty. You can view some examples of Aluminum Shingle Roofing below:

Aluminum Shingle - Complete Roof Section

Snow Guards on an Aluminum Shingle Roof – a close up shot

Metal Shingle at the Roof Ridge - Close up

Aluminum Shingle - over the roof ridge view

Raws of Aluminum Shingle when looking down to the ground

Ridge Vent Flashing Installation

Ridge Vent Flashing Installation

Roof Ventilation cut in at the ridge of the roof

Roof Ventilation cut-in at the ridge of the roof

Metal Shingle Roofing System - Chimney Flashing

Roof Chimney Flashing for a Metal Shingle Roof

As you can see in the pictures, aluminum shingle roofing system is comprised of interlocking aluminum shingles that fully interlock with each other on all four sides. Each shingle is also secured to the roof deck with a ring-shank aluminum nail. The system is rated for use in Miami Dade county, and can withstand hurricane winds with speeds of up to 110mph. An aluminum roof reflects solar radiant heat in the summer, which reduces the AC load, and results in significant energy savings. Aluminum is a permanent roofing material available as shingles, and standing seam. Unlike composition shingles and cedar shakes, aluminum roofing profiles will not rot, rust or crack even in the salt spray environment. All aluminum roofs we install come with a complete lifetime warranty.

Steel Shingles

In many ways, steel shingle roofing systems are similar to aluminum shingle roofing. Both systems have fully interlocking metal shingle design, cool roof coatings that reflect solar heat and both systems come with lifetime installation warranty. Steel Shingle is protected by a layer of zinc and aluminum to provide environmental resistance and protection against nature’s elements. A steel shingle roof is a safe bet investment if you want a reliable and long lasting roof for your home.

Steel Shingle Roof and sky light flashing

Steel Shingle Roof and sky light flashing

Steel Roof on residential home

Steel Roof on residential home

Installing Steel Shingle Wall Flashing

Close up of Steel Metal Shingle on a roof

Close up of Steel Metal Shingle on a roof

As you can see, steel shingle metal roofing system is very similar to an aluminum shingle roof. The only difference between the two systems is panel size and pricing. Steel shingles roofing systems cost slightly less than aluminum, because aluminum is a bit pricier than galvanized steel. Both systems, are very reliable and can last a lifetime when properly/professionally installed.

Standing Seam

It used to be called tin roofing when it was handcrafted by tin roofers of the past. The manufacturing and technological advances have made it possible to get vertical sheet metal roofing panels that come in different widths, and are available in Kynar coated steel, aluminum, as well as bare zinc and copper. Standing seam is available in both residential (architectural), and commercial (structural) profiles. It can be installed over a small shed, a residential house, or on a roof of a commercial building. A standing seam metal roof can provide a reliable and long lasting protection for any building or structure. It provides the same benefits as a slightly less expensive metal shingles roofing systems. One advantage of a standing seam metal roof compared to metal shingles, is that it can be easily integrated with PV solar power, as well as solar thermal (hot water) panels.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam

No matter what system catches your eye, our professional installers will ensure that it gets installed correctly to provide many years of reliable protection and energy savings for your home.

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