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Metal Roofing Colors – Sample Colors of a Metal Roof

Old School and New Metal Roofs

Unlike the old predecessors, the proverbial steel barns with rusty lines, pigments and dull colors, modern metal roofs offer a vibrant array of colors, styles and finishes. Not only that, a good chunk of modern metal roofs are coated with Kynar 500 or better coating that comes with 30 year paint finish warranty. What this means is that your metal roof is not only protected by the process of galvanization used with steel roofing systems, but the paint that further enhances the protection of galvanized steel.

Rusty metal Roof

A rusty metal roof

Presented below are Aluminum Shingles Metal Roofing colors for the residential metal roofing system we install in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. This system is comprised of Metal Shingle, that interlocks on all four sides resulting in a fully interlocking metal roofing system that meets Miami Dade County wind uplift requirements, reflects solar radiant heat, sheds snow and ice and helps prevent ice dams. Please note, that not all available colors are shown below. What you see is only a sampling  colors for aluminum roofing system that can be installed over existing asphalt shingle.

Aluminum shingle - Forest green Aluminum Shingle - Forest green 2 Aluminum Shingle - Mill Finish Aluminum Shingle - Mill Finish 2 Copper shingle 1 Copper shingle 2
Aluminum shingle Forest green 3 Aluminum shingle - Drawn Gray Aluminum shingle Mill Finish 3 Aluminum shingle mill finish 4 Aluminum shingle Mission Red 1 Aluminum Shingle Mission Red 2
Aluminum Shingle - Regal Brown Aluminum Shingle - Regal Brown 2 Aluminum Shingle - Regal Brown 3 Aluminum Shingle - Drift Wood Cedar Aluminum Shingle - Drift wood Cedar 2 Aluminum Shingle - Drift wood Cedar 3

To demonstrate this system in Action I am providing a link to a Metal Roofing Installation Video on YouTube. The roof you will see below was installed in Revere, MA and the owners are really happy with it.  Because of the low slope of the roof we have implemented some custom metal roofing flashing. You will notice that the roof color is not the one shown above. The color of the roof in a video is light brown / or coffee color.

Metal Roofing Colors Video

Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

We also install standing seam metal roofing systems by Drexel Metals – a CoolRoof and Energy Star rated metal roofing manufacturer.

Standing Seam Color Chart


You can preview how a certain color would look on your with the help of Drexel Metals Metal Roofing Colors Visualizer

You can request a Free Estimate on a new Metal Roof here.

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