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Steel Roofing in Cumberland, RI

New England Metal Roof has recently completed a steel roofing replacement job for a tree damaged aluminum roof in Cumberland, Rhode Island. View pictures of this beautiful metal roof below, and learn about benefits steel roofing can provide for your home.

The homeowners decided to go with a premium steel shingles roofing system designed to provide a long lasting protection and durability of premium galvanized steel. This particular job featured a double stamped steel shingle – Vermont Blue Slate profile coated with a high quality Kynar paint finish.

Steel Roofing in Cumberland, RI

Steel Roofing in Cumberland, RI

Why go with Steel Roofing?

Steel is notorious for its tensile strength, toughness, and flexibility. Steel cables provide support for magnificent and enormously heavy bridges exposed to strong winds and harsh nautical conditions. Steel cables bring F-16 fighter jets, and B-2 bombers to a smooth stop on Navy air craft carriers. Steel can withstand enormous amounts of abuse from environmental exposure, and from man-induced material stress.

Steel Shingles Roofing System - valley details

Steel Shingles Roofing System - valley details

Steel roofing shingles can withstand some of the harshest conditions including hurricane winds, hail, storm-strength rain and snow, and can help you prevent ice dams on your roof. Steel shingles are manufactured from a premium G-90 Galvanized steel sheets designed to provide solid protection against rust and corrosion for many decades.

Steel Roof Picture from Ridgeline

Steel Roof, Ridgeline and Chimney

The steel roofing systems we have just installed in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and all metal roofing systems we carry are rated by a Cool Roof rating council for their solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity. These metrics show the degree to which your metal roof can help keep your roof cooler in the summer, which can drastically reduce your air conditioning costs.

I will soon be posting a few more steel roofing jobs in Attleboro, North Attleboro and Bedford, MA. Stay tuned!

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