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Standing Seam Metal Roof in Plymouth MA

You’ve probably seen many pictures of a green metal roof installed on a great looking, lake-front colonial house with ceder shingles siding – like the one below. This is a metal roof that we’ve installed a while back in the spring / summer of 2008. We finally had the time to make a job profile for this roof, so we can show you more pictures taken during the roof installation, and tell you more about the installation process.

Image of standing seam metal roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof installed in Plymouth MA

The video below will demonstrate the entire job from start to finish. Pictures of this metal roof were taken at different times, so the roof color may appear different.

The metal roofing material used is an .032″ aluminum Snap Lock standing seam metal roof. Roof panels are 16 1/4″ wide with 1 3/4″ locks. The metal roof coating is Kynar 500 7-layer factory baked-on paint in Patina Green color. Metal coil supplier is ATAS International – one of the biggest metal roofing coil suppliers.

Roof deck was covered with granular surface Ice & Water Shield along the eaves of the roof, valleys and roof to wall connections (in accordance with Massachusetts State Building Code), and the rest of the roof has a GAF DeckArmor breathable synthetic underlayment on it. GAF DeckArmor is our roofing underlayment of choice – it allows the moisture from the underside to evaporate through it, while keeping the water out, and preventing any roof leaks, as well as mold and mildew formation in the attic.

Metal Roof Estimating and Installation:

First time we’ve seen this roof was on the day we started installing it. When we first arrived for a roof estimate, there was no house to be roofed – it was a lake-front lot with an old house which was to be demolished and a new construction home to be built. Therefore, the estimating was based on the construction blue-prints provided by the builder. It took about 6-7 weeks for the house to be built and another 2 months (yes, that long) to install the metal roof.

The delays with metal roof were due to different structures being built at different times, so we would install the main section of the roof first, and then come back when other structures were built.

As it turned out later, the blue prints were just a little off, but accurate in general. We decided not to make any metal roofing panels until the house was built and we could measure the exact length of each panel. If we did make the standing seam roof panels based on the blue prints, each panel would be 6″ short and we could use them only for scrap metal, or make an unnecessary wide ridge cap.

How to measure a roof

On our first day we had to install the underlayment on the main roof, to let the construction crew continue building the house and do the inside work, as well as install the windows. At the same time we could now measure the roof, and place the material order for the standing seam metal roofing panels to be manufactured to our exact measurements.

Once we measured the roof, we ordered all the standing seam panels (except some panels of the structures to be built later, such as a shed and the kitchen in the back of the house). It took another 2 weeks for our supplier to make all the panels and flashing accessories, including drip-edge starter, gable trim, sidewall flashing, valley pans, ridge cap, etc. Two weeks later we had all the materials made top specs and delivered to the job site.

Image of Metal Roofing Materials

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Materials

The house was being built along with the roof installation, so we had to coordinate all our work with the builder crews, who were installing the cedar siding, windows, plumbing, etc.

We also had to plan our work day, so that we would not get in each other way, and on the front dormer, we had to work side by side with the siding crew installing cedar shingles.

As a side note, when we were first meeting with the home owners – David and Tory – we were in process of choosing a roof color. Tory picked out the Patina Green color – mild / light green color that resembles the copper patina. I thought this metal roof color would look “funky”. However, once the roof and the siding + trim were installed, I could see that Tory had excellent color picking taste, and the roof turned out to be the best looking standing seam roof that we have installed (hence you can see so many pictures of this house on our website).

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