6 Composite Roof Shingles Best Brands and 1 Worst to Avoid 2024

We're here today to look at the multiple brands available for composite shingles. Which brands are worth your money, and which should you avoid? This composite roof tiles review will look at the top plastic roof shingles brands to give you a better view of each brand.

Davinci Roofscapes - Best Overall

Davinci Roofscapes offers seven lines of composite roofing made from virgin resins treated with UV stabilizers to ensure color retention. 

  • Wide Selection

The most significant advantage of Davinci is the vast product lineup, consisting of seven different lines of composite shingles that look like cedar shakes and slate tiles. The Bellaforté is the signature line and comes in shake or slate in various colors and sizes.

  • EcoBlend Colors

DaVinci also has a selection of Cool Roof colors that pass regulations set by California Title 24/LA County, EnergyStar, and LEED green building requirements. Each line of composite shingles has one or more Energy Star colors.

  • Superior Performance

Because all of DaVinci's products are Class 4 impact rated and 110-mph wind rated, they have superior performance against hail, debris, and storm damage. 

  • Transferable Warranties

A noteworthy feature of DaVinci products is the Lifetime limited warranty, transferable twice in the first 10 years. After 10 years, the warranty becomes prorated for the next 40 years, making the lifetime warranty the same as a 50-year warranty.

  • Price Analysis

Davinci roofing can run from $5.75 to $10.50 a square foot, with $4 to $6.50 for materials and labor costing between $1.75 and $4 per square foot. For a roofing square - 100 square feet - the price will range between $175 and $300. 


  • Transferable warranties
  • Class 4 impact rated
  • Multiple Energy Star colors
  • Seven lines of shingles


  • Warranty prorated after 10 years
  • Transfers are limited to the first 10 years

EcoStar - Best for Steep Roofs

EcoStar is another composite roofing manufacturer known for using between 25% and 80% of recycled materials to produce their products. If being eco-friendly is at the top of your list, EcoStar is the way to go.

  • Variety

EcoStar has multiple product lines for composite roofing, allowing you to find a design that meets your tastes. For a smaller slate profile, there are the Majestic and Empire lines. The Majestic Niagara and Empire Niagara have larger profiles. 

For a wood design, you can choose four product lines - Seneca Shake, Majestic Niagara Shake, Empire, and Empire Niagara Shake. 

  • Performance

All of EcoStar's composite roofing materials have a Class 4 impact rating that protects your roof from damage sustained by falling debris, hail storms, and wind ratings up to 110 mph. 

  • Warranties

All of EcoStar's shingles have a 50-year limited warranty, which becomes prorated after the first year. There's also an extended Gold Star warranty that provides complete labor and materials coverage for 50 years. However, the Gold Star warranty does cost extra and is not transferable. 

  • Steep Roof Compatible

All of EcoStar's shingles are compatible with steeply pitched roofs, making them the perfect choice for large-sized rooflines with high pitches. 

  • Price Analysis

EcoStar is a budget-friendly brand costing between $1 and $7 a square foot and between $110 and $700 per square. Compared to other brands, EcoStar is the most affordable.


  • Gold Star warranty offers complete protection
  • Class 4 Impact Rating
  • 110 mph wind resistance
  • Variety of product lines


  • Full coverage warranty costs extra
  • Warranties are not transferable 

Enviroshake - Best Cool Color Option

Enviroshake is a composite roofing manufacturer with over twenty years of experience producing imitation shake and slate products made from 95% recycled material.

  • Multiple lines

Enviroshake produces four lines of composite roof shingles. Choose the Enviroshake line for the most authentic-looking shake in four colors. In comparison, the Enviroslate line comes in seven colors to resemble natural slate. The Enviroshingle has a 5 ¼" thickness to mimic a cedar shake, available in three colors. Whereas the Envirocool line is a Cool roof wood shingle in three colors.

  • Superior warranties

Enviroshake stands out for its lifetime warranty, which offers you non-prorated coverage for 50 years. This warranty is transferable during the entire warranty period (for homes above the 25th parallel). South of that, the warranty can transfer within the first 25 years.

  • High performance

Enviroshake's products have superior performance with wind ratings up to 180 mph, without using special installation techniques. These wind speeds are higher than what you'd experience in a Category 5 hurricane. Each product is also Class A fire-rated and Class 4 Impact Rated.

  • Price Analysis

Enviroshake products cost between $7 and $10 a square foot, or $700 to around $1,000 per roofing square. This price is mid-range for composite roof shingles. However, the superior performance ensures you get an excellent return on your investment. Installing a certified Cool roof can also see your savings in energy bills.


  • Four product lines, including a cool roofline
  • Made from 95% recycled material
  • Extreme wind ratings of 180 mph
  • Class 4 Impact rated


  • Limited colors
  • Limited products

Brava - Spanish Design

Brava is another composite roofing brand that produces shake and slate roofing. They also offer a Barrel tile style for a Spanish flare. While there are fewer lines, Brava offers an extensive range of colors.

  • Moderate selection

Brava makes 3 product lines of composite shingles. For a replicated hand-cut slate roof, there's the Brava Old World Slate in 10 colors, whereas the Brava Cedar Shake offers a split-texture hand-cut cedar replica that comes in 5", 7", or 12" widths in nine colors. A unique offering is the Brava Barrel Tile, a composite Spanish tile in 13 colors.

  • Performance

Same as the Davinci brand, Brava's products are Class 4 impact rated and 110-mph wind rated with your choice of Class C or Class A fire rating, they have superior performance against hail, debris, and storm damage. Best of all, there's little to no maintenance during its lifespan. 

  • Warranties

Brava's composite shingles come with a 50-year limited warranty that's transferable throughout the entire warranty life. This warranty is non-prorated for the first ten years. There are no higher warranties available.

  • Price Analysis

Brava is another mid-range composite shingle that ranges from $7 to $12 a square foot or roughly between $770 and $1,150 a square. This brand is in the same price grade as Enviroshake.


  • High wind rating of 110 mph
  • Class 4 impact resistance
  • Class C or Class A fire ratings
  • 50-year limited warranty


  • Limited colors
  • Limited products

CeDUR - Least Recommended

CeDUR offers polyurethane shakes designed to look like natural cedar shakes without excessive weight. They're 170 pounds per square.

Why is CeDUR the least recommended composite shingle?

There's no doubt CeDUR produces exceptionally cedar-mimicked shingles that are lightweight enough to work on most roofs, no matter the pitch or width. However, the biggest reason why they are the least recommended brand is that there’s only one product line available in four colors. 

  • Product Selection

You have a choice of 5", 7", or 12" wide shingles, allowing for use on most rooflines, large or compact. All shakes are ¾" thick, the exact thickness of natural cedar shakes. 

  • Performance

Just like any other brands, CeDUR has a Class 4 Impact Rating, Class A fire rating without using fire-resistant underlayment, and a wind rating of 115 mph.

  • Warranty

CeDUR's warranty provides full coverage for the first ten years, with transferability allowed during the first five years of purchase. After the ten-year full-coverage period, the remaining forty years (11-50) have proration.

  • Price Analysis

CeDUR shingles will run you $8 to $12 a square foot or $800 to $1200 a roofing square on the pricing scale. This price is medium to high compared to other brands.


  • High wind rating of 115 mph
  • Multiple widths
  • Works for any roofline
  • Authentic replication of cedar shake


  • Limited colors
  • Limited products

InSpire by Boral - Largest Color Selection

Boral Roofing produces the InSpire line of composite roofing, replicating natural slate and shake in three product lines. 

For a hand-cut natural slate look, choose the Aledora Slate line. Choose the Classic Slate line for a more traditional slate with deckled edges. Or choose the Arcella line for a natural wood shake. 

  • Large color selection

All three lines of InSpire composite shingles come in a wide range of colors. 

The Aledora Slate line comes in 18 color options, while the Classic Slate is available in 17 colors. The Arcella wood shake comes in 11 colors. The Aledora and Classic shingle lines are available for Color Mix, allowing for six-color blends with the Slate or five with the Classic.

  • Great performance

The InSpire shingles come with Class 4 Impact resistance, 110 mph wind resistance, and top fire ratings. These shingles are all energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and require little to no maintenance once installed.

  • Warranties

All of InSpire's shingles also come with a lifetime (50-year) warranty that's transferable within the first five years. You get seven years of 100% full coverage, with the remaining years prorated.

  • Price Analysis

InSpire shingles run between $6 and $10 a square foot, ranging between $600 and $1,000 a roofing square. This brand is within the mid-range price category, comparable to many of the best composite roofing brands.


  • Seven years full coverage warranty
  • Large selection of colors
  • Class 4 impact rated
  • Replicates real shake and slate


  • Only three lines available
  • Warranty is only transferable in the first five years

Quarrix - Product to Avoid

Quarrix offers Double Roman composite tiles, available in 6 colors. There is only one line available from this brand, and the unique design means this brand won't be for everyone. 

Due to the unusual design, limited selection, and non-transferable warranty, Quarrix is a brand that we recommend to stay away from for the majority of homeowners. 

  • Lightweight

Quarrix Composite shingles are 67% lighter than standard concrete or clay tiles, weighing around 3.3 pounds a piece or 304 pounds per square. They have a 16 ½" length, 2 ¼" height, and 13" width. 

  • Durable design

The unique thing about Quarrix composite shingles is the double-barrel design, comparable to a Spanish tile shingle. These shingles won't crack, break, or grow algae, mold, or moss. 

  • Color choices

Quarrix offers a limited selection of six traditional colors - black, goldenrod, sage, desert red, canyon earth, or saddle brown. 

  • Warranties

All Double Roman composite tiles come with a 50-year warranty, prorated after the first 10 years. Unlike other brands, the Quarrix warranty is not transferrable. 

In Closing

This list covered the best brands of composite roofing. We've provided the best features of each brand, including the product lineup, colors, warranties, advantages, and disadvantages. We gave each brand a tag to explain the most significant advantage of each brand. Now you're ready to pick which composite roof shingle brand is best for your needs. 

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