Long Lasting and Cool Flat Roof Solutions

What if there really was such an amazing flat roofing product capable of a flawless performance under any environmental conditions ranging from the tropical islands of Hawaii, to the harshest regions of Alberta, Canada, Maine, Vermont, and Alaska?What if there was…A kind of a flat roofing product that could provide tremendous energy savings during the summer, when air conditionig costs can literally go through the roof, because your roof gets so hot during the day that your AC unit can barely keep up with cooling down your home.IB flat roofing system is designed to solve a problem of an overheated flat roof by means of reflecting as much as 86 percent of solar radiant heat.Can drastically reduce your air conditioning load, and help you save significant amount of money on your cooling costs year after year.

IB roof’s specially formulated white CPA membrane reflects most of the solar heat that would otherwise penetrate inside your house like it does through the conventional flat roof; in fact as much as ninety percent of the solar radiant heat is reflected by the surface layer of IB flat roofing membrane.IB Ultra Cool Flat Roof can help keep your home cooler and your wallet fuller!

Upon your request we can install additional insulation to help keep your home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Making your home better insulated and more energy efficient is good for the planet, and will help you save even more on your heating and cooling costsd.Thus, IB flat roof actually pays for itself!

Features and Benefits for the Homeowners

A fire retardant roofing system that could potentially save a house in a forest fire prone areas such as California.

IB roof membrane has attained a Class “A” rating for a flame resistance. It means that unlike traditional roofing materials, IB Membrane will resist the flames rather than fueling them.A kind of roof that could withstand ponding water.

IB Roofs are uniquely formulated to withstand a ponding water. Water will not penetrate through the IB PVC membrane. IB roofing system provides a solution to ponding water problem, which is something that most conventional roofing systems have failed to addresss.A kind of roofing system that has proven itself in the marketplace with a flawless performance of over 30 years without a single material failure.A flat roofing system that can be installed on any flat or low slope roof structure.A roofing system that can give homeowners and businesses a true peace of mind knowing that their roof is protected by the state of the art flat roofing system designed to last a lifetime.

IB’s PVC flat roofing membrane is an amazing flat roofing product that lasts far longer than any other flat roofing system, and the one that comes with a residential lifetime material and labor warranty.

We are IB Roof factory trained, certified, and authorized installers with the know-how, specialized equipment and many great years of experience of installing this truly amazing flat roofing product for homeowners and businesses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Durable and Pliable

IB Roof’s membrane design / formulation, allows your roof withstand decades of service without any material failures that are common with other systems due to the harsh UV rays from the sun, acid rains, cold and hot temperatures and rapid temperature flactuations.

IB flat roofing membrane remains flexible and pliable for the life of the system. In fact, IB flat roofing membrane can be easily welded to, Even after 30 years of service.

More Economical than Cheaper Rubber Roofing Alternatives

Although it intitally costs less to install a rubber roof, IB roof will actually prove being less expensive in the medium to long run – here is why: Rubber roofs use glue to hold the seams together. When the glue holding the flat roof seams together dries up, the rubber roof seams come appart inviting roof leaks that can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your walls, and ceilings.

IB PVC roofing system requires expensive hot-air welding equipment to properly weld together all the seams of a roofing membrane. The initial investment in Thermoplastic roofing installation equipment is so substantial, that only serious roofing contractors choose to invest into it.

Rubber roofing, on the other hand, requires only a minimal investment in tools, and almost any “handyman” business can say that they install rubber roofing. This attracts many so-called “hack” roofing contractors with very limited knowledge of intricate details of flat roofing installation.

Hot Air Welded Seams Form a Permanent Bond

Watch IB Roof installation video, and see how the hot air-welding permanently joins the flat roof seams together.

Hot air-welded seams form a permanent bond, and there is no glue is required!

Flat roof seam overlaps generally cause over 75 percent of all flat roof leaks. With the conventional roofs such as EPDM rubber, When the membrane seams dry and come apart, the costly roof leaks are quick to follow.

IB flat roof seams are hot air welded forming a permanent and impenetratable bond that becomes a one new whole. This is a strongest aspect of IB PVC flat roof system.

Hot air welded seams are membrane overlaps that are fusion welded together using hot air at an over 1000 degrees F. There is absolutely no glue or adhesives used in the waterproofing part of IB roof installation.

Roof Flashing details are seamlessly integrated and hot air-welded

Even roof flashing used in some very tight spots such as inside and outside corners, are also hot air welded together with the membrane to create a complete and seamless flat roofing system on your home.

Once the seam is welded, a permanent physical bond is created. The two former separate pieces of the membrane are now fused together, making it essentially one piece. Not only that, the newly welded flat roof seam is actually stronger than the membrane itself. If you try to tear the seam, you will not be able to pull the pieces apart. The best you would be able to do would be tearing down the membrane layers to the reinforcement scrim, but not the seams. Keep in mind that the membrane itself is extraordinary strong and durable.

Here is what happens when “hacks” get the job

Below you can see some examples of the “hack” rubber roofing installations – all of these rubber roofs we either replaced or repaired.

Peace of Mind and Confidence in Your Flat Roof

IB Roof single ply membrane installed by us will provide permanent protection for your home and help you save money on cooling costs. Not to mention, the maintenance free and long lasting service! You will have the confindence in knowing that your home is protected by a longest lasting and ultra cool flat roofing system available today.

The picture above shows a finished product – a residential flat roof we have installed in Connecticut. The white cones protruding through the membrane, are ventilation pipes that help to keep the roof dry by allowing any moisture and condensation to escape by means of evaporation.

Please take a moment to appreciate this beautiful and white as a snow, highly reflective roofing material, which helps keep your home cooler in the hot sun, and more importantly, leak free during any season!

By reflecting solar radiant heat, IB flat roofing system reduces the temperature in your attic, which in turn reduces the heat gain inside your home during the summer and helps to drastically cut your cooling expenses. Simpyly put; IB flat roof keeps your home cool and leaks free.

When your house is cool, you don’t have to use air conditioning as much, and that’s where the big energy savings come in. The sun reflectivity rating of IB single ply membrane is 86 percent, which makes it a top of the line choice among cool roofing products available on the market today. The thermal emittance rating of IB single ply roofing membrane is as high as 87 percent, which means that only negligible amount of heat will enter your house through the roof.

The certificate above shows that New England Metal Roof is IB factory trained and authorized Installers for Massachusetts and New England area.

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