Residential Metal Roofing Prices

This in-depth guide to current metal roofing prices is based on a carefully researched and collected national data, and presented as an analysis and detailed explanation intended to provide information and shed the light on this “oh so mysterious unknown”. I decided to write this guide after being approached by many people who were frustrated trying to find out general prices to install a new metal roof on their home. For whatever reason, that information seemed to be skillfully-hidden and painfully unavailable. Well, what is the big secret? You may ask… There are no secrets! It is just that metal roofing is in fact rather pricey, and most companies would rather have you learn about the benefits of metal roofing before they hit you with the price. This is why they would rather tell you about their prices in person. They want people to see the product and learn about the many metal roofing advantages first, in order to demonstrate the real value in the product and in their company. It does make sense though, because once you discover all the benefits of modern metal roofing, you will see that a higher price for a new metal roof is justified.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me uncover the industry’s “big secret” and share all the necessary details such as price figures and the actual examples! It is my goal to help you become a more educated consumer!

Metal Roofing – Introducing Ferrari of the Roofing Industry!

Long gone are the days when Metal Roofing was just a new kid on the block. With its ever growing popularity among residential and commercial applications, metal roofing is becoming a very well respected player of the roofing industry. Its popularity is attributed to many different factors among which a few stand out:Beautiful, Distinct Looks and Styles:

Forget the images of those old ugly metal roofs on grey barns! Modern metal roofs offer vivid colors and a truly impressive selection of styles that command our admiration, and play with our imagination. In fact, when I first saw a bright red color metal roof, back in 1997, I was really impressed, even fascinated by the beautiful design of a metal shingle that had a close resemblance of Cedar Shake texture, while its lines were playfully reflecting early morning sun.Durable and Long Lasting:

Modern metal roofs are among some of the most practical and long lasting roofing solutions available to homeowners today. They offer great durability, longevity, and protection to a homeowner who is planning to stay in his/her house for awhile. In other words it’s a smart choice for someone who is interested in having a reliable and worry-free roofing system protecting their home. Did you know that many of the latest systems are available with the manufacturer-backed material warranties of up to 50 years? Fifty plus years of service life for a properly installed metal roof is actually quite realistic. In fact, many premium materials such as Zinc and Copper are known to last well over a 100 years! Of course, a metal roof is only as good as the contractor who installs it. Therefore it is imperative that your installer is properly trained, and far more importantly, is willing to deliver the type of quality necessary for a truly reliable roof.Metal vs. Shingles.

This may seem almost counter intuitive; at first, it is obvious that the initial price of a metal roof is considerably higher than the price of an asphalt shingles roof. But this is only the first impression, and first impressions can sometimes be wrong. Consider that an average life expectancy of a typical asphalt/composition shingle roof according to the National Association of Home Builders is only 15 to 30 years. That’s a lifespan of 30 years at best, and only for a premium asphalt shingles roof very under mild climatic conditions. The national data suggests that an average range of expected lifespan of an asphalt roof is between 12 to 17 years. Not to mention, an asphalt shingle roof is a petroleum based product contributing to the environmental pollution, and our dependency on foreign oil.

Now, an asphalt shingle roof represents a typical mass-produced roofing product that most roofers install. Most regular roofing crews employ hourly laborers who do not exactly adhere to the installation standards 100% of the time and often rush through the shingling process in order to start to the next job as soon as they can. The common end result of this is a poorly installed roof with an often-shorter lifespan. Eventually, such a roof is likely to require many costly repairs due to premature failures. Now, even if an asphalt shingle roof installation was done by the right crew that did a quality work, severe storms, tough climate, and thermal shocks can significantly shorten the lifespan of even an asphalt shingle roof.

Did you know that asphalt shingle roof begins losing granules as soon as it becomes exposed to nature’s elements? An asphalt shingle roof begins to deteriorate and lose its water-resistant abilities in direct proportion to the severity of the local climate, which is not a factor for the longevity and performance of a metal roof.

As an example, lets take a look at the tough North-Eastern states such as Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. These states are exposed to a lot of heavy rainfall and severe winters that exert heavy toll on the asphalt shingle roofs. Most asphalt roofs are prone to breaking down and leaking in this tough climate. and as a result they may start leaking prematurely and require costly roof maintenance and repairs.

A Metal roof, on the other hand, feels at ease with the snow and ice accumulation, which simply slides off the metal roof helping you prevent ice dams on your roof. Simply put; metal roofing laughs at the severe rain and snow storms. It provides superb and cost-efficient longevity that no other roofing material on the market does. A properly installed metal roof will last well over fifty years and easily pay for its higher initial cost. In fact, after decades of reliable service, metal roofs may result in savings that add up to a double and even three times the amount you would spend with an asphalt shingle roof.
Attention to Details in the Installation of prefabricated Chimney Flashing:

Modern residential & light commercial metal roofing systems are integrated with a precision-made sheet metal flashing, which makes it possible to flash around any complex roof penetrations including large chimneys and skylights. Steel roofing shingles systems we install, feature prefabricated chimney and skylight flashing, chimney crickets, valleys, drip-edge/starter and gable flashing, side wall or end-wall flashing.

So, why are we telling you this? Well, here is why; the fact is that many if not most conventional asphalt shingle roofs are prone to premature leaks. It is often due to the above-mentioned vulnerable elements of the roof that do not get flashed properly. Metal roofs integrated with specially prefabricated metal flashing components, provide decades of leak-free roof performance, while maintaining a beautiful and uniform appearance. As you can see in a metal roofing chimney flashing video above, every step of flashing the chimney is executed with utmost care and precision to ensure that this roof will never leak.

Residential Pricing Information:

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the prices of metal across the board; this has greatly affected the cost of metal roofing materials. Currently, residential & light commercial metal roofing products can range in their cost anywhere from $3.50 to $11.00 per square foot. In roofing terms, expect to pay anywhere from $350.00 to $1100.00 per roofing square of material without installation (Roofing square is 100 sq. ft.).

On average, expect to pay anywhere from $350.00 to $650.00 per square of metal roofing system (These figures reflect approximate prices you would pay to a supplier of metal roofing products. These figures do not reflect the actual installation cost of the product). The prices per square include all the necessary trim flashing (such as gable, starter/drip edge, and ridge cap), screws/nails, clips and fasteners. We recommend installing a breathable synthetic roof under-layment for your metal roofing system. Breathable underlayment will add another $30 to $40 to the metal roofing material cost per square.

The Systems we Install:

G-90 Galvanized Steel:

What is a G-90 galvanized steel? G-90 galvanized steel is a steel coil, or a sheet steel that has received a zinc coating for resistance against the corrosion and oxidation. The G-90 galvanized steel has been coated with a minimum of 0.90 oz. of zinc per square foot of steel coil through the process of continuous hot-dipping.

In roofing applications, G-90 steel is further protected and enhanced with a factory applied Kynar 500, or Hylar 5000 CoolRoof color paint coatings. The Kynar-coated galvanized steel offers excellent long lasting protection in roofing.G 90 Galvanized Steel Shingles

Steel roofing shingles/panels installed by New England Metal Roof, come with a four-way inter-locking shingle design that protects your roof against wind uplift of up to 110 miles per hour, has a class “A” fire rating, and comes with a 50-year limited manufacturer warranty against corrosion and material defects of the shingle. The paint coating comes with a 30-year limited warranty, which covers cracks, chips, and peels on the shingle paint.

Steel Shingle Roof shown with Slate profile:

Steel Shingles is available in Three Unique Profiles:

50-year limited manufacturer warrantyLifeTime Residential Installation warranty by New England Metal RoofG-90 steel constructionSpecial coating process resists dirt and environmental aging. Coating system with Kynar® 500/Hylar 5000®Lightweight compared to traditional roofing products100% recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled materialsFewer shingles per square and fewer fastenersHelps resist rotting, cracking, splitting, and breakingCan be applied over existing asphalt roofing shingles, eliminating tear-off and disposal costs, mess, and protecting the environmentClass A Fire-resistant for added protectionFour-way Inter-locking system for enhanced performanceMany color options are available in Energy Star and CoolRoof-rated colors with high solar reflectance to help lower energy costs
Base Installation Costs:

The base installation price for G-90 steel inter-locking shingle Roof System is $750.00 per square (one roofing square contains 100 square feet of actual roofing surface). The base price assumes over-top installation for a single story ranch type home with one existing layer of asphalt shingle. The base price does not include the tear off.What you get:

A typical job includes the installation of premium breathable synthetic roof underlayment, and basic necessary roof vents. All the necessary trim and pre-fabricated roof flashing is included with the installation (1sq. = 10 feet by 10 feet of roof surface. For example, an average residential ranch type single story house with the roof size of about 17-22 squares would range in cost from $12,750 to $16,500 assuming over-top installation.).Steel Shingle Installation and Product Warranty:

Our steel shingle roofing system comes with a 50 year limited manufacturer warranty, and a lifetime transferable non-prorated labor warranty by the installer, New England Metal Roof.

Galvalume Steel Standing Seam:

What is galvalume steel? Galvalume steel, also known as zinc-alum, is steel coil or sheet steel coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum to provide high degree of corrosion resistance and protection.

Galvalume steel is used in metal roofing systems such as standing seam. Typically, residential standing seam panels will cost $450.00 per square for the materials alone. The price includes all the necessary trim and flashing. Steel standing seam roofs provide the same level of protection as interlocking steel shingle. Steel Standing Seam roofs are mainly used in commercial roofing applications, but many homeowners looking for that “Modern Look” choose to install standing seam for their residential homes. The installation price for Steel Standing Seam Metal Roofing starts at $1000.00 per square installed.

Stone-Coated Steel:

Stone-coated steel roofing material prices start at about $350.00 – $425.00 per roof square including trim. These roofs can be installed on residential homes and commercial projects. Stone Coated Steel Roofing products come in a variety of styles such as Tile, Slate, Shake, and Shingle. They are rated for at least 120 MPH Wind Uplift, come with Class 4 Hail Warranty, and Class “A” Fire Rating. These roofs are light weight and can be walked on.

The installation price for a stone-coated steel roof start at $1000.00 base for over-the-top installation.

Inter-Locking Aluminum Shingles:

Aluminum Shingles Roof is a longer lasting roofing system compared to steel shingles. Material prices range around $425.00 – $550.00 per roof square including the trim.Aluminum Shingles is by far our most requested roofing product. Base Installation price for aluminum shingle starts at $900.00 for a basic roof with no tear off. Features lifetime warranty.

Aluminum Standing Seam:

Provides the same benefits and protection as inter-locking aluminum shingles. Material prices start at about $500.00 and up. Installation process is more involved. Basic gable roof installation price with no tear off starts at $1100.00.

Copper, this phenomenal metal is very expensive; expect to pay around $1100.00 – $1200.00 per square just for the product without the installation.

High metal roofing materials cost is not the only factor that makes metal roofs pricey. Unlike conventional roofing, metal roofs are not simply nailed to the deck. The installation must be accurately measured and very precise. Improper installation may cost thousands of dollars in wasted materials costs. Quality metal roofing application requires highly trained professional installers.

Our metal roofing installers undergo specialized rigorous training, which puts a great premium on the price. The typical installation of a metal roof takes about 3 times as long as the conventional application of asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is fairly complex and very involved process that takes a lot of time, system specific know-how (not all metal roofing systems are made the same), patience, precision and care. Metal roofs take much longer to install, their initial price is very significant, but the rewards of a properly installed metal roof go far beyond its looks.

Metal’s longevity, and its solar radiation reflective properties are the biggest assets of value in metal roofs.

A properly installed metal roof may last a very long time, with very little maintenance costs, and reduced energy bills.

Thus, a higher priced metal roof may have the lowest life-cycle cost when compared to majority of conventional roofs.

With that being said, expect to pay anywhere from $750.00 to $1,500.00 per square of metal roofing installed (materials and labor).

The variance in price allows for different levels of difficulty in the installation of metal roofing.

Thus, $750.00 per square would represent a fairly simple roof, while $1,500.00 per square may be asked for a more challenging roof that will likely require a lot of time and resources to complete.

Finally, good negotiation skills may help you get a better deal. Keep in mind that it is perfectly appropriate to negotiate, and nicely ask for a reasonable discount.

Light-Commercial Systems

A Custom System Installed on an IHOP restaurant in Cape Cod, MA:

IHOP Metal Roof

In the business environment, prices can fluctuate anywhere from about $1,000.00 per square of roofing materials, plus labor, all the way up to as much $1,500.00, and in some cases, even higher. The overall prices may be affected by many different factors such as commercial location, type of building, type of the roof system being installed, type of the roofing material used, the and length of the warranty provided. As a sort of general guide line you may expect to pay around $1,200.00 – $1,500.00 and up for standing seam metal roofing systems, that can be commonly seen on the roofs of commercial and institutional buildings.

Metal roofers during the installation of an IHOP Metal Roof:

IHOP Metal Roof

A good example illustrating a commercial project would be a restaurant or a hospitality place. We have installed a great number of specialty metal roofs ranging from Spanish Tile Roofs, standing seam and everything else in between. Pictured here is a custom metal Shake profile inter-locking aluminum roofing system installed on an IHOP Roof, in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The installation was an emergency repair; it included removal and replacement of the front portion of the roof, which was blown away by the strong stormy winds of Cape Cod.

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