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Every company claims to be good at what they do, but only a few are actually as good as they claim to be…

Cutting Edge Metal Roofing experts

As for us, we are not claiming to be the best in the field of roofing per say, as saying that would simply be an arrogant statement. There are some very talented roofers who can work at great speed and deliver the quality product. There are those who are completely courteous, friendly and professional, and there are those you want to avoid. As for our company, we’have decided to take a slightly different route from many conventional roofers who install mediocre products such as asphalt shingle and EPMD. The two of the above-mentioned products are widely used in a roofing industry, because they fail early, which is what keeps roofers busy. What makes us different is that we have committed our company and ourselves to the high end of roofing technology that helps us deliver greater value, better protection and industry’s best product for your home, or business.

Commitment to Cool, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly roofing

Metal Roofing is our commitment. It something that we install, teach, study, and constantly learn about. We picked metal roofing as a product and trade because it is an ultimate roofing product of the 21st century that is longer lasting, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to give home owner the best protection and value for the money, and metal roofing helps us in attaining this goal.

Not All metal roofs are made the same

Something that we learnt along the way is that even in metal roofing things are not as simple as it may seem at first. There are many different metal roofing systems available today, and they are not made the same. Like anything else, there are good and bad systems. We have done our research and fair share of installations to know what systems are well designed and last longer. Our narrow expertise in metal roofing helps us identify the most practical solutions, and offer the best systems to home owners and businesses in MA, RI, CT and NH.

Flat roofing experts – IB factory authorized installers

Keeping up with our mission of bringing out the best in the roofing technology, we offer installation of IB roofs for commercial and residential clients with flat and low slope roofs. Similar to metal roofing, IB roofs represent the high end segment of cool roofing technology offer the best value and protection for the money to home owners and businesses.

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