Aluminum Roofing Styles

Aluminum, an energy efficient sustainable building material, offers unparalleled advantages over asphalt shingles in residential roofing. Aluminum roofs come in a great variety of beautiful colors designed to accent the style and add grace to your home.

Style with Strength:

Aluminum roofs offer unmatched protection from snow and ice built-up, hot-beaming sun, and strong winds, damaging hail and forest fire.

Aluminum Roof lasts a lifetime:

It is not a secret that many residential roofs fail prematurely due to the use of less than adequate roofing materials for the environment to which the roof is exposed.

While it is true, that there are some 50 year rated asphalt shingle products on the market, the reality is that that type of product warranty can easily be voided by so many factors that the warranty itself is rather useless and misleading.

By and large, most conventional roofers will not warranty an asphalt roof for longer then 10 years. In fact, in most cases they would only provide a minimum state required two year warranty. That can be similar to buying a used car that comes with 30 days warranty, after that you are on your own. As a guideline, the roofing industry practice shows that an average asphalt shingle roof is expected to last anywhere between 10 to 20 years before the roof will require a full replacement.

Aluminum roof offers a permanent alternative to conventional roofing materials such as composition shingle. Aluminum roof is not susceptible to the damaging effects of the natural elements and can last a lifetime

Number one reason for premature roof failure:

Sadly but true, by far the number one reason for the failure of the asphalt shingle roof is the fact that many roofs were not properly installed in the first place. Many roofs fail prematurely because the installers may have rushed through the job, and did not take necessary time and care to properly install the roof under-layment, flashing, thereby compromising the integrity of the roofing system. An improper roof installation may frequently result in the need to reinstall the entire system in just a few years.

Thus, it may be quite risky going with the cheapest asphalt roof you can get, and realizing that you may need to do another replacement in just a few years down the road.

The cure for a poorly performing roof:

The cure is can be quite simple, if you want to get a roof that really lasts a long time, then choose long lasting roofing product, and find the crew that will install it the right way!

An aluminum roof can offer a great alternative; metal roof installed by professionally trained installers, and backed by a true lifetime warranty, offers beauty, protection and a piece of mind.

Why Aluminum?

If we go off on a tangent for a little bit, then we can discover some interesting facts about the use of aluminum in our lives. As an example, lets take a look at the airplanes. Have you ever wondered about airplanes being as big as they are, can still fly quite well overcoming great forces of taking off and landing, mid air turbulences, tremendous air resistance, and hundreds of mid air storms that frequently strike air-plane by lightning. I know it is truly impressive when you think about it. Well I am going to suggest that one of the reasons that makes airplanes so strong and long lasting in spite all the abuse they are exposed to in service, is that they are made out of aluminum, a light weight, strong and durable metal that is not susceptible to corrosion, effects of extreme cold, heat, ice and snow exposure. It is a truly unique metal that allows us to fly safely keeping airplane weight light, and protecting airplane components with its phenomenal tensile strength and resistance to elements.

Well, if it is good enough for the airplanes…

Chances are that if aluminum is good enough to protect us while seating inside the airplane that is flying at over 30000 feet from the ground, then perhaps aluminum could also offer some use in protecting our roofs. And why not, if you think about it, aluminum roofs can last a long time, a very long time. They can outlast asphalt shingle roofs many times, requiring no maintenance, causing no headaches, and providing protection that you can trust. Of course, just like an airplane that was built by a junkie may not be all that safe, so the aluminum roof that was installed by the asphalt shingle installers may not be all that good. It is imperative to hire specialty metal roofing crew to install the system the right way. Only then can a metal roof truly last a lifetime.

Aluminum vs. Steel:

Major advantage of Aluminum over Steel is that it can be used for roofing purposes near the coastal areas where heightened concentration of salt in the environment can make galvanized steel used in metal roofing panels susceptible to corrosion over time. The flip side is that G 90 steel based roofing panels may cost less compared to the aluminum. Thus, it may be more economical to use steel as a material of choice. LA Metal Roofs LLC offers steel roofing with interlocking, and standing seam designs as an alternative to our aluminum roof product line.

Aluminum roof keeps your home cool:

We have talked about aluminum being the ultimate warrior when it comes to fighting the abuse from the elements, but what about its more domestic qualities. Well, it turns out that aluminum is not only featherweight champ of strength and longevity under pressure of snow and ice, but it is also an energy efficient, solar-reflective material.

Aluminum Roof can help you keep your house cooler during the summer, keep our planet greener by using less energy to cool your home, and it can save you money. An aluminum roof not only keeps the cooling costs in “check”, but it also eliminates the need for frequent roof repairs and costly replacements often associated with asphalt shingle roofs.

Aluminum is sustainable green roofing material:

So, just how environmentally friendly is the roof made of aluminum ?

Aluminum is a fully recyclable metal that can be used time and again. Often-times, an aluminum roof can be installed directly over an asphalt shingle roof, which helps reduce the amount of asphalt being dumped in our land fills each year. Aluminum roof helps reduce the amount of energy required to keep your home cooler, thus it helps keep our planet greener.

Permanent Roof:

A properly installed aluminum roof can last a lifetime. It will help eliminate unnecessary expenditures in roof maintenance and frequent roof repairs associated with asphalt roofs. Aluminum equals magnificent looking roof and uncompromising protection for your home.

Aluminum Roofs we carry:

We install inter-locking aluminum shingle metal roofs for residential homes. The main benefit of inter-locking aluminum roof is the traditional looks and beauty of Cedar Shake lines and unsurpassed reliability of fully inter-locking roof system design. We can also install standing seam aluminum roof, which gives a modern feel for your Home or Commercial Building.

Inter-locking Aluminum Shingle roof styles:

Metal Shingles Roof – made out of aluminum, one of the finest metals that mother nature has given us!

The following are our featured standard colors available for aluminum shingles:

We can also accommodate clients requiring custom colors. Subject to the size of the job.

No other metal roofing product offers you more:

  • Non-prorated Lifetime Transferable warranty.

We offer a comprehensive warranty unsurpassed in the roofing industry.

  • Light-Weight.

At just 40 pounds per square, Aluminum shingle will keep your roof light, and won’t require any reinforcement, or cause sagging of the walls.

  • Can be installed directly over asphalt shingle roof.

No need to tear off your existing roof. Keeps your yard clean and eliminates landfill waste.

  • Permanent roofing material.

Aluminum is a truly unique metal that will not rut, rust, crack or otherwise desintigrate. Perma lock aluminum roof is engineered to be permanent, and it may well be the last roof your house will ever need.

  • Can resist winds up to 110 miles per hour.

Patented fully interlocking design. Each aluminum shingle is secured by a hidden fastener, and held in place by six other shingle panels. Such a well thought design will keep your house safe even in high-wind coastal areas.

  • Impervious to Water Absorption and Freezing.
  • Impervious to Insects and Fungus.
  • Resists Streaking and Staining.
  • Never Curls or Flakes with Age.

Unlike, other metal roofs, such as sheet metal, Perma Lock aluminum shingle will not curl or flake with age.

  • Reflects Radiant Solar Heat, Reduces Cooling Costs.

Perma Lock Aluminum Roof reflects solar heat keeping your house cool during the summer, and lowering your energy bill. Some homeowners report nearly 20% Energy savings. Aluminum roofs are a highly energy-efficient choice.

  • Class “A” fire rated non combustible roofing material.

Will not support a fire, keeping your house and your family safe.

  • Warranted Hail Protection.

Aluminum is a preferred roofing material in hail-prone areas. Unlike roofing materials that split or break in a hailstorm, aluminum will not be penetrated.

  • Sheds Ice and Snow by Reflecting Radiant Heat.

Prevents Snow and Ice formation in the winter.

  • Does not attract the lightning, but if it does get struck by a lightning it will simply dissipate the electrical charge.

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