Metal Roofing Cost Guide 2021

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The average metal roof costs about $15.50 per square foot or $1,550 per square. If your roof needs 20 squares, or 2,000 square feet of roofing, expect an estimate of around $30,000 to $36,000 when materials, including extra needed for trimming and waste, plus labor costs are added together. Pro Tip: Metal roofing costs are generally quoted … Read more

What is the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)


There are many important factors to consider when shopping for a new roof. Besides debating a product’s resistance to common threats like algae, fire, wind, and impacts, you should consider the material’s solar reflectiveness. We’re here to break down solar reflectivity (SR) and solar reflectance index (SRI) to give you a better idea of why … Read more

3 Best Designer Shingles 2021

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There are multiple choices for the type of protection you put on top of your home. Asphalt shingles are the most popular type, mainly due to their affordable price and performance. Asphalt shingles come in three varieties – 3-tab (basic), architectural (better), or designer (best). So what are designer shingles, and what are the best … Read more

5 Best Architectural Shingles 2021

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Asphalt shingles are the most affordable type of roofing, making them the perfect choice for homeowners on a budget. While you can save the most money by choosing 3-tab shingles, architectural styles give you the best protection and visual appeal. So what are architectural shingles, and what are the best brands? We’re here to talk … Read more

5 Best 3-Tab Shingles 2021


When you’re shopping around for materials for a new roof, you’ll notice that there are multiple types of roofing. The most popular and affordable option is 3-tab asphalt shingles. So what are 3-tab shingles, and which brands are the best to use for your new roof? Keep reading as we look at five of the … Read more

3-Tab Shingles – the Most Affordable Shingles for Your Roofing

3-tab shingles review

Replacing a roof often comes at inopportune times. If you’re replacing your roof because of unexpected damage, you may have to shop on a tight budget. Luckily, you can find affordable shingles from top manufacturers, ensuring you get top quality, excellent curb appeal, and exceptional performance without breaking the bank. Let’s look at 3-tab shingles, … Read more

Composite vs Asphalt: Is Composite Roof Shingles Better Than Asphalt Shingles?

composite roof vs asphalt shingles

For homeowners interested in purchasing traditional shingles for their home, it typically comes down to asphalt shingles or composites. Specialty roofing like metal or tile have their place as well, but the classic shingle style is a top seller across the board. If you need a new roof for your home or are considering alternatives, you’ve … Read more

6 Composite Roof Shingles Best Brands and 1 Worst to Avoid 2021

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We’re here today to look at the multiple brands available for composite shingles. Which brands are worth your money, and which should you avoid? This composite roof tiles review will look at the top plastic roof shingles brands to give you a better view of each brand.  Davinci Roofscapes – Best OverallDavinci Roofscapes offers seven … Read more

Why Installing Cheap Roofing System Is A Bad Idea?

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 Installing a new roof can be an expensive undertaking. As you compare the various costs of different roofing, the little voice in your head might be shouting to go the cheapest way possible. It’s okay to shop smart when trying to stick to a budget. But picking cheap materials can cost you in a big … Read more

What Roofing Material Has the Longest Longevity and Durability?

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Q: How long do shingles last? Which roofing material has the most extended lifespan and the best value for my money?A: Installing a new roof is one of the most significant investments you will make as a homeowner. To ensure you do your due diligence, you’ll want to pick a roofing material with the most extended lifespan. … Read more