Sheffield Metals Reviews 2022

Sheffield Metals Reviews 2021

Sheffield Metals International is a leading distributor of metal products for roof and wall systems in the country. Its corporate office is in Sheffield Village, Ohio. It also has a presence in Georgia, Colorado, California, and Texas.Apart from metal roof and wall products, Sheffield Metals also sells accessories and components, machinery and equipment, and commercial … Read more

ASCBP vs Everlast vs Classic Metal Roofing Systems Metal Roofing Review 2022

ASCBP vs Everlast vs Classic Metal Roofing

ASCBP, Everlast, and Classic Metal are all metal roofing manufacturers located in the United States. In this article, we are going to pit them against each other. We will compare and contrast their offerings to help you decide which one is best suited to solving your roofing needs.ASC Building ProductsASCBP is a leading manufacturer of … Read more

4 Best Standing Seam Metal Roofing and 2 Worst Options to Avoid in 2022

best standing seam metal roofing

Metal roofing has gained popularity over the years. In particular, standing seam metal roofs stand out for their durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. It’s no wonder many metal roofing manufacturers have included this type of metal roof in their product catalog.However, all brands are not equal. With so many manufacturers in the market, it is … Read more

McElroy Metal Review 2022

McElroy Metal Review

McElroy Metal is a top-tier metal roofing manufacturer in the US headquartered in Bossier City, Louisiana. It has a presence throughout the country with 13 manufacturing centers, 25 service centers, and four customer service offices. These are spread across 16 states.The company sells a variety of metal roofing systems for residential and commercial applications. They … Read more

Metal Sales Manufacturing Review 2022

Metal Sales Manufacturing

Metal Sales Manufacturing is one of the largest metal roofing manufacturers in the United States. It is headquartered in Louisville. With over 55 years of experience in the business, the company is a nationwide leading manufacturer with a global reach.Metal Sales manufactures roof and wall metal panels to cater to the residential, commercial, and agricultural … Read more

Custom Bilt Metals Review 2022

Custom Bilt Metals review

Custom Bilt Metals is a metal roofing manufacturer serving the western United States and Hawaii. It has headquarters in Irving, Texas, with sales offices spread over five states: California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, and Hawaii.The company sells over 2000 individual products. Its metal roofing system catalog includes standing seam, corrugated metal, tiles and shakes, and TFR-36 … Read more

6 Metal Roof Common Problems and How to Avoid Risks

metal roofing problems and how to avoid

Metal roofs are popular because of their durability and longevity. While a conventional asphalt shingle roof will last for 20-25 years, the average lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years. Some will even last for more than 100 years.However, metal roofs are not immune to problems. That’s why regular maintenance is crucial. You can … Read more

Englert Metal Roofing Review 2022

Englert Metal Roofing Review

Englert is a leading manufacturer of roofing products and gutter systems in the United States. The company has a head office in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. It also has nine other sales offices spread across the country.Englert Inc. offers a wide array of products to meet varying consumer needs. These include standing seam metal roofs … Read more

Metal Roof Cleaning Tips: You Wish You’d Known Before Your 1st Try

metal roof cleaning

A metal roof is one of the best roofing systems you can install in your home. It is durable, long-lasting, and requires minimal maintenance. However, failing to clean your roof could negate all these benefits. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, you could need a roof replacement sooner than you think.Cleaning your roof is not a … Read more