Which is Your Tile Roof’s Best Color Choice

Tile roofs come in a variety of colors, from white to black and everything in between. Unfortunately, having too many options can be overwhelming when you’re trying to pick just one.

The roof constitutes 40% of what people see when they view your home for the first time. Choosing the right color is, therefore, crucial. Moreover, a tile roof can last as long as 50 years, and you can’t afford to get it wrong the first time.

Factors that Influce Roof Color Choice

What is the best color for your tile roof? Well, it depends. There are many factors to consider before making a decision. We discuss some of them below.

Factor 1: Home's Color Scheme

With tile roofs, no color is necessarily better looking than another. Instead, it is all about balance. Therefore, you need to consider the color of the walls, doors, windows, and surrounding decorations. It is best to stick with the prevailing color palette.

Don’t choose a color that is too contrasting since the result can appear too confusing. For instance, red roof tiles may not work with a yellow wall. On the other extreme, painting everything in one color will make the home look bland. For example, a white tile roof on a white-walled house will look monotonous.

The trick is picking a color that complements the color scheme of the house. For instance, a terracotta roof can blend with several colors, such as white and red.

The following table lists the best tile roof color choices that match different wall colors.

Wall colors

Best tile roof color choices


Can blend with all colors but works best with darker hues such as black


Dark grey, black


Dark grey, black


Brown, terracotta, grey, black


Brown, black, blue, grey


Black, brown, grey, blue

Factor 2: Architectural Design Style

roof colors

Consider the architectural design of your house. Is it classic or contemporary? Different styles are synonymous with particular color combinations. For instance, a black tile roof and a white wall combine to create a traditional look.

Contemporary homes tend to push the envelope to create dramatic contrasts. For example, they will incorporate striking colors such as green, purple and yellow. On the other hand, traditional styles tend to stick to classics such as red, brown, and grey.

Factor 3: Environment

The color of your tile roof should not just suit your home’s color and style. It should also match your environment. Therefore, you must factor in where you live. Is it at the coast? The country? Mountains?

A cottage in the woods will work best with terracotta or a green roof. However, a house in the city would be better off with bold, experimental colors such as galaxy or antique red.

Factor 4: Neighborhood

neighborhood with various roof styles

The color of the roofs in your neighborhood should also influence your choice. You don’t want to pick something so contrary that your house looks out of place. On the other hand, you want something unique to make your home stand out from the rest.

We recommend walking around the neighborhood first and taking note of the roof color choices. If you notice a common trend, it is best to adhere to it.

Factor 5: HOA Rules and Other Regulations

Some neighborhoods will go as far as setting regulations on roof color choices. Here, you have no option but to comply.  In most cases, they prohibit some options entirely. It is better to educate yourself first on the rules before choosing a roof color.

Factor 6: Energy Efficiency

Standard Slate Tile Roof

It is basic science that dark roof colors absorb heat and light colors reflect it. This knowledge is crucial when choosing the color for your tile roof, especially if you are concerned about energy efficiency,

Most tile roofs like clay, slate, and concrete are naturally energy efficient. However, color still plays a key role. The roof colors range from white to black, with the former being most reflective and the latter least reflective.

On the other hand, a darker roof is better if you live in a colder region. It will absorb most of the heat and keep your house warmer. Also, a dark roof will melt the snow and ice more quickly, thus reducing the energy load. Black and dark brown are good options here.

Factor 7: Size of the Home

Roof Size

A dark color will make a room appear smaller. The same principle applies to roofs. If you already have a small house, installing a dark-colored roof will make it look even smaller.

Contrastingly, choosing a lighter color will make the house appear taller. That is convenient if you have a low-sloped roof.

Factor 8: Resale Value

Are you considering selling your home in the future? The color you choose for your roof could affect the resale value of the house. Granted, everybody will not like the same color. However, you have a higher chance of reselling your home if you bank on particular options.

Bright and bold tones are eye-catching, but they never stay on trend for long. Choosing such colors could make sense in the present but not so much in the future.

It would be better to go for neutral colors such as classic red, brown, and grey. These options may not look as eye-catching, but they have been around as long as tile roofs have. In general, most people will prefer them to other options.

Factor 9: Paint Quality

The quality of the paint is crucial, especially if you’re considering metal tiles. The color on these tiles is likely to chip or crack, exposing the surface to corrosion. Moreover, they are prone to fading over time.

Manufacturers often incorporate roof coatings to protect the color. They include PVDF and SMP. The former is of higher quality compared to the latter. Therefore, it will not fade fast and will be less likely to chip or crack.

Factor 10: Price

Price is also a key consideration when choosing the color for your tile roof. Manufacturers often include customized colors alongside the standard options. These are usually available at a higher cost. For instance, orange and red clay roof tiles are the most common options. However, you can get your roof tiles in grey or any other color if you are willing to pay extra.

Tips Before You Buy

Choosing a color for your tile roof is easier said than done. Sometimes you don’t know what your house will look like until you install the tiles. That can be risky since you have to live with the choice for many years.

Fortunately, a visualization tool can show you how your tile roof will look like after installation. There are many such tools on the internet.

A virtual visualization tool allows you to upload a photo of your home while giving you multiple roof color options. It is upon you to select one that blends with the overall color scheme of your home.

Final Word

There are many factors involved when choosing the best color for your tile roof. You should decide which ones hold more weight in your case. Of course, some of them are like HOA rules are not optional.

All factors considered, the ultimate choice is in your hands. Perhaps a blue tile roof tickles your fancy, or a green tile roof suits your personality. Whatever your choice is, pick a color that suits your style and preference. Remember, you can utilize the virtual visualization tool if you are still unsure what color to choose. 

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