Blue Siding Colors 2024

Blue is a popular siding color from coast to coast. And it’s no surprise. It comes in many shades, ranging from bright blue to almost gray. Also, its neutral tone makes it fit a variety of architectural styles.

If you want blue as a siding color, you have come to the right place. This review will highlight all the popular options and trends in 2022. We will also offer some tips on how to pair it.

Is Blue A Good Choice For Siding Color?

Blue is a popular siding color in 2022. Although it is a bold choice, it evokes peace and serenity. There are also many shades to choose from, giving homeowners plenty of options to work with.

Is Light Or Dark Siding Better?

You can choose a dark or light blue depending on the effect you want to achieve. For instance, a darker hue will make your house appear larger, while a lighter one will make it look smaller.

Additionally, darker colors absorb heat while lighter ones reflect it. Therefore, it would be better to choose a light blue metal siding if you live in a region that experiences very high temperatures.

Best Light Blue Siding Colors

A light blue siding will give viewers a light and airy effect. You also don’t have to worry much about fading.

There are many light blue siding colors that you can pick. There following are some of the most popular options in the market.

Light Blue Siding Colors

Midnight Blue

Bayou Blue

Slate Blue

Oxford Blue

Mystic Blue

English Wedgewood Blue

Steel Blue

Boothbay Blue

Hampton Blue

Best Dark Blue Siding Colors

You can also opt for a dark blue siding. It can transform the look of your home, especially when you pair it with light-colored trims and accessories.

There are many dark blue siding colors on the market. Choose one from our list of popular options below.

Dark Blue Siding Colors

Navy Blue

Regatta Blue

Marine Blue

Urban Blue

Heritage Blue

Laguna Blue

Cobalt Blue

Evening Blue

Portsmouth Blue

Pacific Blue Siding

You have probably seen pacific blue on an iPhone before. It is a mid-warm blue with a green tint but looks purely blue from far. The shade works well as a siding color.

You can pair pacific blue vinyl siding with white trims and accessories. But it can combine well with an off-white or yellow too.

Who makes Pacific Blue?

Mainstreet pacific blue siding is a product of CertainTeed.

Midnight Blue Siding

Midnight blue is a soft relaxing shade that will keep your home looking elegant, especially when contrasted with white trims and accessories.

Who Makes Midnight Blue Siding?

You can buy alside midnight blue siding from CertainTeed.

Navy Blue Siding

Dark colors are trending in 2021. You can jump on this bandwagon by going for a dark blue siding with white trim. Navy blue is also a great choice here.

Dark colors usually work better when you use them with contrasting light colors for the trims and accessories. White is an excellent choice since it will pop out against the navy blue siding.

Who Makes Navy Blue siding?

You can buy navy blue siding color from Benjamin Moore.

Bayou Blue Siding

Bayou blue is a medium-light siding color. It looks great when you pair it with white trims and a black or brown roof.

Who Makes Bayou Blue Siding?

You can buy Georgia pacific bayou blue siding if you love this look.

Slate Blue Siding

Slate blue combines gray and blue to create a versatile color that is easy to match. It allows you to experiment with different colors for the trims and accessories. Options include white, tan, almond, and others.

Who Makes Slate Blue Siding?

Cedar creek slate blue siding is an excellent choice if you prefer this color.

Oxford Blue Siding

Oxford blue is a beautiful blend of blue and gray. You can pair this pale shade of blue with matching pacific blue trims. Alternatively, you can use a contrasting color such as white.

Who Makes Oxford Blue Siding?

CertainTeed sells oxford blue siding color.

Regatta Blue Siding

Regatta blue is a dark, bright siding color with a nautical undertone. You can combine regatta blue siding with stone and pair it with a contrasting color for the trims.

Who Makes Regatta Blue Siding?

Regatta blue siding color is a product of R-Anell Homes.

Marine Blue Siding

Marine blue is a deep navy blue siding color with a deep water undertone. You can pair it with a grey roof and contrasting white trims. Also, you can try a striking color for the front door.

Who Makes Marine Blue Siding?

Royal Building products produce marine blue siding.

Urban Blue Siding

Urban blue is a medium-dark siding color. It is a chic and sophisticated shade that can upgrade the look of your home. You can choose trims, accents, and accessories in the same color palette or use warm earth tones instead.

Who Makes Urban Blue Siding?

KP Vinyl Siding manufactures urban blue siding color

Heritage Blue Siding

Heritage blue is a bright, gray, siding color with a lavender undertone. You can match it with a gray roof and use a striking color for the door to create a dramatic effect.

Who Makes Heritage Blue Siding?

You can buy heritage blue siding color from Royal Building Products.

Mystic Blue Siding

Mystic Blue is a mid-tone, pure, siding color with a twilight blue undertone. You can make a statement in your neighborhood by choosing this stunning shade.

Who Makes Mystic Blue Siding

Consider Alside mystic blue siding if you love this shade.

English Wedgewood Blue Siding

If you are looking for a premium option, try an English Wedgewood siding. The color appears different depending on the lighting and color pairings. Sometimes it can even appear gray.

You can pair English Wedgewood with white trims and accessories for a vibrant look, or you can keep things dusky by opting for brown instead.

Who Makes English Wedgewood Blue Siding?

English Wedgewood blue siding color is available through Mastic.

Steel Blue Siding

Steel blue is a less vibrant blue siding color that almost appears gray. You can pair it with a gray roof and contrast it with white trims.

Who Makes Steel Blue Siding?

You can buy Norandex steel blue siding if you like this look.

Laguna Blue Siding

Laguna Blue is a saturated medium-dark shade of blue. You will love its charming looks that resemble the watery hue of the ocean.

Who makes Laguna Blue Siding?

Brothers Aluminum Corp produces Laguna Blue siding color.

Cobalt Blue Siding

Cobalt blue is a medium blue tone darker than sky blue but lighter than navy blue. It looks great when you pair it with white trims.

Who Makes Cobalt Blue Siding?

Cobalt blue siding color is a product of ABTCO Vinyl Siding.

Evening Blue Siding

Evening blue is a medium-dark blue siding color. Looking at your house will be akin to gazing at the evening sky if you go for this bold choice.

Who Makes Evening Blue Siding?

You can try James Hardie siding evening blue if you love this look.

Boothbay Blue Siding

Boothbay blue is a muted blue-gray siding color with a soothing effect. It is a perfect choice if you love blue but want a softer option.

Who Makes Boothbay Blue Siding

James Hardie also sells Boothbay Blue Siding color.

Portsmouth Blue Siding

Portsmouth blue is a medium-dark siding color. You can contrast it with white trims. A black or gray roof will help complete the look.

Who Makes Portsmouth Blue Siding?

Portsmouth blue siding color is a product of Royal Building Products.

Hampton Blue Siding

Hampton Blue is a calm, subdued siding color. You can combine it with a striking color for the trims, door, and accessories to spice things up.

Who Makes Hampton Blue Siding?

You can buy Hampton blue siding color from Fairfield D4.

Blue Siding with Trim

A blue siding looks great when paired with white trim. And it doesn’t matter how dark or light the blue is.

If you have seen houses with blue siding, you will notice it is the most popular combination. However, you can also try other options such as beige or an off-white.

Blue Siding Color

Trim Colors

Light Blue

White, off-white, beige

Dark Blue

Blue Siding with Brick

Another popular trend in 2021 is combining different siding materials. For instance, you can mix your blue vinyl siding with brick.

Not many bricks closely resemble blue vinyl siding colors. So, it will be challenging to find the right color if you’re going for an analogous color scheme.

However, you have many options if you want to achieve contrast. For instance, you can combine a dark blue vinyl siding with a stone siding.


Blue is a siding color with many shades. It’s no wonder it’s a popular siding color choice in 2022 for many homeowners.

However, too many options can make choosing overwhelming. If you’re yet to settle on a shade, you can try any of the options above, provided you consider the factors we highlighted.

If you are unsure what to pick, use a color visualization tool to see how various color combinations look. Remember, your siding color choice should match your style and personality too.

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