30 Blue Vinyl Siding Colors 2024

A survey across four continents revealed that blue is the most favored color. Although the color may not be the most popular for home exteriors, it is a likable hue that can create an excellent look for your home. 

Trends may come and go, but the blue vinyl siding color is a timeless look. And the best part is that it won’t affect the resale value if you want to put your home up for sale in the future.

This article will give you valuable insights into the range of blue siding colors available for your home in 2022.

Is Blue Vinyl Siding Popular?

Blue home exteriors have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. More and more people are straying away from the traditional neutral shades and opting for a bolder look. 

Another reason for the increased interest in blue vinyl siding is the visual calming effect. The color evokes a feeling of peace and tranquility while still maintaining a sophisticated boldness.

To get the most out of your home, don’t be confined to just a few shades of blue. There are plenty of options available, including cedar shake vinyl siding, cobalt vinyl siding, and oxford blue vinyl siding.

Dark Blue Vinyl Siding Colors

Darker shades of blue create a bolder look, and homes with this look are bound to turn some heads. 

Dark blue is a versatile color option that’s ideal for various exteriors. Whether you prefer dark blue painted vinyl siding, blue shake siding, or blue vinyl with stone, you’re assured of a brilliant finished look. 

Dark Blue Vinyl Siding Chart

Check out the diverse range of dark blue colors that will give your home an eye-catching look.

Dark Blue Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
Urban blue vinyl sidingABTCO
Cobalt vinyl sidingABTCO
Nordic blue vinyl sidingABTCO
Cabot blue vinyl sidingABTCO
Midnight blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Pacific blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Navy blue vinyl sidingpainting
Bayou blue vinyl sidingPly Gem
Marine blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Indigo blue vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
Regatta blue vinyl sidingMitten Building Products
Steel blue vinyl sidingNorandex
Hampton blue vinyl sidingCrest
Glacier blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Newport bay blue vinyl sidingPly Gem
Mystic blue vinyl sidingKP Vinyl Siding
Laguna blue vinyl sidingAlside
Deep water blue vinyl sidingNorandex

Top 5 Dark Blue Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Marine Blue Vinyl Siding – Create a striking and impactful visual appeal with this deep blue shade.The dusky sea undertone adds a bold consistency, resulting in a classic yet modern tone.
  2. Navy Blue Vinyl Siding  – If you want to add the essence of neutral elegance to your home, this color is for you.This dark blue hue incorporates green, purple, and orange tints and sits between blue and black on the color spectrum. 
  3. Newport Bay Blue Vinyl Siding – This inky blue hue has a nautical undertone that creates a dark appeal that is as mystical as the ocean water. Go with this if you want to give your home exterior an illusion of the deep sea.
  4.  Hampton Blue Vinyl Siding If you want an imposing, regal look, Hampton blue is the perfect choice. This shade of dark blue features a delicate balance of blue and teal with rich gray undertones.
  5. Mystic Blue Vinyl Siding– Your home’s curb appeal is bound to go sky high with this saturated shade of light blue. The color incorporates a soft twilight blue tint that adds some dimension to the look.   

Light Blue Vinyl Siding Colors

If you love blue vinyl siding but prefer a softer, more conservative look, a lighter shade of blue is an ideal option. 

Some of the most common light blue options include grayish-blue vinyl siding colors. These hues look great on various surfaces, including cedar shake vinyl siding, clapboard, board, and batten, etc. 

Let’s delve into the wide variety of light blue colors for your home exterior in 2022.

Light Blue Vinyl Siding Chart

The table below highlights the ideal light blue shades for vinyl siding.

Light Blue Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
Slate blue vinyl sidingProTUFF,ABTCO
Oxford blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Harbor bay vinyl sidingAlside, Gentek Building Products
Wedgewood blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Sky blue vinyl sidingAllura
Coastal blue vinyl sidingPly Gem
Vivid blue vinyl sidingAllura
Heritage blue vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
Savannah blue vinyl sidingPremium Siding Supply
Portsmouth blue vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Nautica blue vinyl sidingProvia
Pale blue vinyl sidingPainting

Top 5 Light Blue Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Oxford Blue Vinyl Siding If you’re searching for a brilliant, and distinguished siding hue, the Oxford University official color is what you need. The soft shade of blue has an oyster gray undertone and incorporates light-green tints.  
  2. Harbor Bay Vinyl Siding – This blue mid-tone shade has deep blue and night sky undertones. It is the perfect blue tone if you are looking for a relaxed, and inviting look.
  3. Sky Blue Vinyl Siding – Sky blue is sometimes referred to as azure as it resembles a clear summer sky. Count on it for a pleasant and laid-back vibe. 
  4. Coastal Blue Vinyl Siding – This bright blue hue is saturated with a deep water undertone and is ideal for exterior and interior color schemes. It will give your home an eye-catching appearance that’s reminiscent of a bright summer day. 
  5. Nautica Blue Vinyl Siding  – Create a nature-inspired exterior look with this charming blue shade. This version of blue is midway between deep sea blue and sky blue.

What Color Trims Go with Blue Vinyl Siding?

Like the icing on a cake, choosing the proper trim for your vinyl siding is the final touch that adds a brilliant visual appeal. 

The table below offers a quick breakdown of the suitable trim colors based on dark blue or light blue vinyl siding options.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Trim Colors
Dark Blue Vinyl Sidingblack trim
brown trim
white trim
Light Blue Vinyl Sidingblack trim
brown trim
blue trim
tan trim

Trim Color Selections

Blue vinyl siding with white trim is an all-American look with a universal appeal. Another staple for home exteriors in North America is blue vinyl siding tan trim.

The rule of thumb for exterior trim color selection is to keep the trim lighter. For instance, dark blue vinyl siding goes reasonably well with white trim.

However, there’s an exception to every rule. In some cases, dark vinyl siding goes well with dark trim. A good example is dark blue vinyl siding with brown trim.

This would not be a good combination in normal circumstances, but the results can be outstanding when executed well.

Personalize Your Choice

Ultimately, there are no hard-set rules. It’s all about your preferences and what appeals to your senses. With 30 or more blue vinyl siding colors to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. But before you settle for anything, take your time to avoid making costly mistakes.

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