14 Red Vinyl Siding Colors 2024

Try red vinyl siding if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance with a bold home exterior color. 

Red has a timeless appearance that is not necessarily focused on trends. For instance, barn red (Sometimes referred to as farmhouse red) has a classic look that transcends fads and enhances curb appeal.

You can choose red vinyl siding shades ranging from dark red to lighter tones closer to pink and orange.

Will Red Vinyl Siding Fade Fast?

All forms of vinyl siding are subject to wear and tear at some point. Prolonged exposure to elements such as extreme sun, rain, and snow will cause some fading.

Typically, darker tones tend to absorb more heat which causes tonal variation in the long run. Lighter shades are more reflective making them withstand high temperatures better.  

So, when does red vinyl siding fade to the point that you need a makeover? Technological innovation has improved the longevity of home vinyl exteriors which now have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years.

It is also essential to ensure that a credible service provider fits your red vinyl siding. Trustworthy installers source materials from genuine suppliers and offer additional routine checks and maintenance services.

Call your installer for a professional consultation if you notice that your red vinyl siding is fading.

Red Vinyl Siding Colors

Once you settle on red for your home vinyl siding, it’s advisable to go through the list of available shades that suit your preference. There are plenty of options available, so it’s upon you to find one that will blend well with your favorite accent colors.

Red Vinyl Siding Chart

Check out the list below for a quick rundown of the available red vinyl tones.

Red Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
autumn harvest vinyl sidingABTCO
melrose vinyl sidingCertainTeed
brick vinyl sidingABTCO
autumn red vinyl sidingCertainTeed
cabot red vinyl sidingABTCO
spice vinyl sidingABTCO
russet red vinyl sidingPly Gem
burgundy vinyl sidingGeorgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding
brite red vinyl sidingGeorgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding
colonial red vinyl sidingGeorgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding
country lane red vinyl sidingJames Hardie
rustic red vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
barn red vinyl sidingKP Building Products
traditional red vinyl sidingJames Hardie

Top 5 Red Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Barn red – Not many colors can give your home a traditional farmhouse look like barn red. It is a timeless home design that is bold and goes well with light and dark accents. 
  2. Burgundy – Your home will exude bold charm with this deep red that resembles barn red. The brown, purple, and blue undertones add a richness not present in lighter tones.
  3. Brick red  – Make your home stand out with this rich blend of red and brown hues. Brick red will give your vinyl siding a vibrant pop of color. Suitable accent colors combined with brick red include gray, dark blue, teal, and beige.  
  4. Cabot red – Cabot is an excellent shade for your home siding that evokes feelings of boldness and subtlety. The color has a broad spectrum ranging between red velvet and milky cocoa.
  5. Melrose red –The passion expressed by melrose red will give any home an eye-catching appearance. The black undertone combines well with red, resulting in an attractive violet hue. 

How To Match Red Vinyl Siding

You may think that red is a restrictive color to combine with others, but the truth is that there are plenty of color combinations that will make your exterior look attractive.

Ultimately there are no hard-set rules when it comes to color matchups. Go with what you love but always ensure the color scheme has harmony.

The tables below offer a brief guide on the ideal color combinations for your vinyl siding and exterior house parts. 

Red Vinyl Siding And Roof Combinations

To balance out the boldness of red vinyl siding, it is advisable to choose a darker neutral color for your roof. Ideally, black and gray are the most suitable options, but you can go for similar dark shades. 

House Exterior PartsRed Vinyl Siding Matching Colors
roofingblack roof
gray roof
brown roof
green roof

Red Vinyl Siding And Shutter Combinations

If you want a contemporary look, try slightly lighter or darker shades of red for your shutters. The contrast creates a dynamic aspect that will make your exterior more prominent.  

Here are some siding-shutter color combinations to consider.

House Exterior PartsRed Vinyl Siding Matching Colors
shutterblack shutter
gray shutter
blue shutter
green shutter
purple shutter

Red Vinyl Siding And Door Combinations

The classic dark neutral colors combine with virtually every color, so black, brown and gray door colors are the most obvious options. If you want to avoid the more common options, consider softer tones like tan and beige.

Check out some more color combinations below.  

House Exterior PartsRed Vinyl Siding Matching Colors
doorblack door
gray door
purple door
beige door
tan door
cream door

Red Vinyl Siding And Window Combinations

Contrasting window colors will make your red vinyl siding pop. The divergent color combinations apply to both lighter and darker window tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues.

Here are some color matchups to consider. 

House Exterior PartsRed Vinyl Siding Matching Colors
windowblack window
gray window
brown window
teal window
beige window
tan window
cream window
white window

Red Vinyl Siding And Trim Combinations

Typically red siding is paired with neutral-colored trim, but as mentioned earlier, sometimes rules are there to be broken. If you’re willing to be a little bit adventurous as far as color combinations are concerned, try out trim colors such as green, teal, or turquoise.

See more color combinations below.

House Exterior PartsRed Vinyl Siding Matching Colors
trimblack trim
gray trim
green trim
white trim

Typically red is paired with neutral colors, but as mentioned earlier, sometimes rules are broken. If you’re willing to be a little bit adventurous as far as color combinations are concerned, try including accents such as pink, teal, or turquoise.

Dark Red Vinyl vs. Light Red Vinyl

Once you settle on red vinyl siding for your home, should you opt for a light shade or a darker one? It depends on how you want the red color to interact with other accents.

Dark red vinyl siding enhances color contrasts forming color schemes that stand out. For instance, pairing white shutters with deep red siding creates an appealing look.

If you prefer color combinations that blend and complement each other, lighter tones are the way to go.

The table below highlights the matching accent colors for light and dark red vinyl siding.

Red Vinyl ShadeMatching Colors
dark red vinyl sidingblack,gray,brown,blue,green,white
light red vinyl sidingblack,gray,blue,green,purple,orange,white

Does Red Vinyl Siding Have a Good Resale Value?

Red home exteriors are a novelty that is not common in most neighborhoods. However, sometimes it pays to have a house that stands out. Homes with red vinyl siding or redbricks have a unique appeal that niche buyers prefer.

It’s important to note that if the trim, shutters, or roof colors are too outrageous, you may find it challenging to find buyers who share your unique taste.  

You can find a middle ground by combining your personal preferences with some industry-standard accents.

Professional Assistance

Remember that you may have your favorite color combinations in mind. Still, a professional home décor expert can give you a clear perspective of your color choices and the impact of the final look.

The ideal scenario is to get professional advice and develop your final color matchups based on the new info and personal preferences. If you seek the services of a consultant, be open to critique and consider any alternatives that the experts suggest.

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