Red Siding Colors 2024

Don’t be stuck with a muted, neutral home exterior when you have a choice of vibrant colors. If you’re expressive and love experimental looks, red siding is an excellent way of making your home stand out in your neighborhood.

Red may not necessarily be the most popular choice, but it is gradually gaining popularity due to its bold, radiant look.

Read on to discover some of the benefits, color combinations, and additional tips when opting for red siding in 2022.  

Red Siding Colors

Red exterior siding comes in various forms. The most popular options include red vinyl siding, red board and batten siding, and brick siding.

Take your pick from the following shades and materials of red siding highlighted below.

Red Siding ColorsMaterialAvailable Manufacturer
redsteelPremium Pro-Lap
brite redsteelPremium Pro-Lap
burgundysteelPremium Pro-Lap
red cherrystone veneerNatural Stone Veneer
weathered redfaux stone veneerEkena Millwork
red brickfaux stone veneerEkena Millwork
red rockstone veneerNatural Stone Veneer
autumn red sidingvinylCertainTeed
cabot redvinylABTCO
colonial redbrick veneerNovabrik
arlington blendbrick veneerNovabrik
crimson redengineered wood accent siding/fiber cement accentSherwin-Williams
russet red sidingvinylPly Gem
lighthouse red vinyl sidingvinylWestlake Royal Building Products

Top 5 Red Siding Colors

  1. Burgundy – This shade of red has a unique quality that projects an aura of charm and warmth. To get the best out of this shade, it should be matched with complementary colors like gray, white, black, beige, green, and pink.
  2. Redbrick – This rich red shade gives your home an enriching earthy look with a bold, self-assured appearance. Redbrick is associated with classic architectural designs that look great in a contemporary setting.
  3. Red Cherry – Are you fascinated by the color of ripe cherries? If your cherry-colored siding is done right, the blend of red and pink will form a vibrant dark red hue that will make your home stand out.
  4. Cabot red – If you’re looking for a bold red siding color that is not too bright, this is a brilliant option. The rich blend of red and brown creates a hue similar to red velvet.
  5. Crimson – This shade is a symbolic expression of passion and excitement that you can proudly display on the exterior of your home. The deep tone has hints of blue and violet that form a distinct purplish tint. 

Does Red Siding Fade?

Every form of exterior home cladding experiences some form of wear-and-tear after a prolonged period, and red siding is no exception.

Darker shades often absorb more light which may fade the color faster than lighter tones. 

However, the good news is that it may take between 10 and 20 years for the red siding to show major signs of fading, depending on the quality of the raw materials.   

Red Siding Options

Don’t restrict yourself to vinyl siding for your home. You could explore options such as metal and fiber cement cladding to give your siding a neat finish, or you could go for brick or wood siding if you want a more rustic look. 

Check out the range of siding materials available in 2022.

Red Siding Available MaterialsMaterial Options
vinyl siding
metal siding red aluminum siding,red tin siding
wood sidingred cedar siding,red cedar shake siding,red cedar log siding,red oak siding
brick siding
fiber cement siding


Briefly introduce different types of red sidings with 1-2 paragraphs. Feel free to add more ideas in the chart.

Red Siding And Trim Color Combinations

When choosing your favorite red siding, remember that you should also choose trim colors that complement that whole look.

Ideally, the best color combinations have contrasting shades that create an eye-catching look. However, you don’t have to be restricted by industry-standard rules. Create a color scheme that suits you and reflects your personality.

See the brief guide below highlighting standard siding and trim color combinations.

Siding ColorMatching Trim Colors
red sidingblack trim
red sidinggray trim
red sidingbrown trim
red sidingred trim
red sidingbeige trim
red sidingwhite trim

Red Siding And Roof Color Combinations

Your roof color plays a major role in your exterior color scheme. Darker roof colors are preferred because they match many colors. For instance, most red metal roof and siding combinations include black, gray,  green, or brown roofing. 

The table below gives a brief rundown of the most popular siding and roof color combinations in 2022. 

Siding ColorMatching Roof Colors
red sidingtin roof
red sidingsteel roof
red sidingcopper roof
red sidingblack roof
red sidingbrown roof
red sidingcharcoal roof
red sidinggreen roof
red sidinghunter green roof
red sidingtan roof
red sidingwhite roof

Red Siding House Styles

Traditional muted siding colors are great, but when you settle on a bold color like red, it takes more effort to create an attractive look that will turn heads.

The result of a well-planned red siding exterior is an impressive look that sets your home apart. 

These are some attractive house styles that incorporate red siding.

Farmhouse Red Siding

This is a classic look reminiscent of charming old country homes. The deep red siding is often paired with white trim to achieve a brilliant contrasting theme. The farmhouse look is a traditional house design that fits the contemporary architectural sphere.

Barn Red Siding

This farmhouse-style siding has a classic look enriched by the deep rust-red tone. This red tone used to be achieved using treated oxidized paint, but now you can get personalized red siding in your preferred barn red shade. 

Barn red siding combines well with white or pastel trim.

Ranch House Red Siding

Ranch-style houses have a rustic appeal that goes well with red siding. Although ranch-design homes often have a subdued look that is nostalgic, you can add some boldness and elegance to the appearance with red siding.   

Red Siding House with Stone

If you prefer a mix-and-match look for your home exterior, you can combine red siding with stone. This mix of textures is a great way of avoiding visual monotony, more so with red which can be an overpowering color. 

Red Vertical Siding

Vertical siding adds charm to home exteriors and creates an illusion of added height. This form of siding is a great way to turn an otherwise bland exterior into an alluring design. For instance, red board and batten siding can give your house a whole new look with curb appeal.  

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