Siding Colors for Houses 2024

The siding is usually the first thing you notice when you pull up into a driveway. So, it plays an integral role in determining your home’s curb appeal. However, choosing the right color for the siding might not be easy.

There are so many options, and it can quickly become overwhelming.

In this article, we tell you which house siding colors are trending in 2021. We also offer a few buying tips at the tail end. Read on.

Siding Color Options in 2021

We can’t tell you what color to paint your siding. But we can at least point you in the right direction. Here are the trending siding colors in 2021.


White seems to never go out of style. It is classic and elicits a bright atmosphere. But the best thing is that it can work with any roof color. In particular, off-white shades have become popular in 2021 as homeowners find alternatives to stark white. They include regal white, bone-white, and warm creamy white.


Blue is one of the most popular colors today, owing to its many shade options. It has become a popular siding color for homeowners looking to stand out. Blue is bright and evokes a sense of calm. Also, it is a perfect choice if you want your tiny house to appear sizeable.


Gray is a fantastic siding color option since it can work with almost any color for the roof, trims, and shutters. Moreover, it features a variety of shades. The broad spectrum of shades gives you a variety of warm and cool colors from which to choose. Choosing dark gray is a bold option. Other alternatives include charcoal gray, ash gray, and dove gray.

Slate Blue

Slate blue combines blue and gray to create a color that evokes a tranquil and neutral feel. This one also comes in a variety of shades. Always be careful when choosing a shade since the color may vary in appearance depending on the light setting.


Green is an excellent siding color if you live around luscious landscapes or in a wooded area. One popular option in 2021 is earthy green. Green evokes a feeling of warmth and calmness. You can use white or an off-white as a contrasting trim color to break it.


Black is becoming a popular siding color option in recent years and is no longer a reserve for designer homes. It is versatile and offers a modern, clean finish.

If you want to make a statement, this is the way to do it. But if you would rather play it safe, you can still use it as a trim or accent color.

A black siding works well when paired with a contrasting door. For instance, a green front door with black siding would help draw attention to the unique architecture of your home.


Red is said to evoke a lot of emotion. It can add warmth and brightness to your home’s exterior space as a siding color. One popular option in 2021 is rustic red.

Red house siding is a popular option in rural areas, especially near lakes. However, it is slowly finding its way into modern space. You can pair red with white trims. You can also combine it with brick to create a more stylish atmosphere.

Metallic Colors 

Metallic colors are not easy to come across, but they always look stunning. In 2021, bronze has become a popular choice for siding. Bronze comes in different shades. We recommend complementing it with bronze accents like furniture or porch lights.


Beige has been a popular choice for a while, owing to its beautiful and warm looks. In 2021, the color has retained that beauty and warmth but has adopted a more subtle approach. The new beige is unlikely to turn yellow. It even looks off-white in certain lighting conditions.


Another popular trend is the unexpected two-tone combination. For instance, you can choose to combine two earth tone siding colors, say brown and green.

This combination is not easy to pull off. One way to do it is to divide the house into two vertical or horizontal halves and paint each a different color.

Siding Color Buying Tips

Here is what you need to consider before you buy a siding color.

Style of the Home

Some colors are suited for traditional styles. For instance, a white siding and black roof pairing is a classic look that you will often find in older homes. On the other hand, contemporary styles are opting for modern siding colors such as blues and reds.

Varying Shades

It is not enough to pick a color. You have to choose from among varying shades as well. For instance, blue comes in various hues.

Do you want a dark, middle-tone, or light color siding option? Your answer will determine the type of shade you pick.

The Color of the Roof and Other Accessories

roof colors

Neutral colors such as brown or gray will work with any siding color choices. But your options may be limited if your house has vibrant colors such as green or yellow. For instance, a yellow siding may clash with a green roof.

You can use particular metal roof and siding color combinations to bring out various trends. For example, different shades of brown for the roof and siding is a classic look.

Neighborhood Style

neighborhood with various roof styles

Of course, you do not want your house to look exactly like your neighbors’. But neither do you want it to be too contrasting. Instead, go for options that complement the style and trend in your neighborhood.

Particular neighborhoods will also have rules that may prohibit the use of specific colors. So, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the rules, if any. Painting the siding is too significant an investment for do-overs.

Get Paint Samples

Many factors can play a role in determining the appearance of your siding color. These may include the direction the house faces or the amount of shade. Getting a paint sample can help you try out different colors and shades in varying light conditions.

Use Virtual Visualization Tools

It is challenging to choose from among many color options without trying them out. Fortunately, virtual visualization tools can help you visualize the outcome.  All you need to do is upload a photo of your home.

You can use a siding color combinations visualizer to see how well two colors pair. Also, such a tool can help you choose the best roof and siding color pairings.

Buy High-Quality Paint

High-quality materials are a prerequisite for a professional paint job. That includes the paint, applicators, and primer.

Also, it is imperative to choose the appropriate tools to get the job done. So, ensure you consider the nature of the surface you intend to paint before buying.


We cannot overstate the importance of color in enhancing your home’s curb appeal. However, choosing a color for your siding is easier said than done. There are too many options and factors to consider.

We hope learning about the popular siding color trends in 2021 will help you narrow down your choice. But if you are still conflicted, a virtual visualizer tool can be of great help. Remember, the color you choose should also showcase your personality.

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