24 Green Siding Colors in 2024

Green home siding can evoke different feelings depending on the shade you choose. Lighter shades closer to pastels have a soft, calming effect, while the darker tones have a bold, imposing appearance.

This article will break down over 20 green color options for vertical siding or horizontal siding.

Dark Green Siding Colors

Darker shades of green can create a dominant look for your home exterior. Not many people are bold enough to choose a dark green home exterior. If you decide to go this route, you need the right color combinations to create a head-turning impression.

Dark Green Siding Chart

These 13 shades of dark green give you a wide range of options to explore. 

Dark Green Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
meadow fern sidingGentek Building Products
sage sidingABTCO
khaki sidingABTCO
moonlit moss sidingGentek Building Products
forest sidingCertainTeed
spruce sidingCertainTeed
evergreen sidingABTCO
tundra sidingABTCO
country green sidingRoyal Building Products
parkside pine sidingJames Hardie
mountain sage sidingJames Hardie
ivy green sidingCertainTeed
deep cavern siding color Ply Gem

What Color Dark Green Siding Has The Best  Resale Value?

When you’re building a house from scratch or doing renovations, you should consider how the aesthetic value will affect a possible resale in the future.

Country green is the most desirable shade for homeowners who prefer a deep green exterior. The earthy tone has a serene feel while maintaining a self-assured look.

This shade of dark green is likely to be favored by homebuyers due to its inviting hue. It also has an elegant appeal that will make buyers feel like they are getting a one-of-a-kind property. 

Top 5 Dark Green Siding Colors

  1. Sage green – You can give your home an earthy, muted appearance with this shade of green that incorporates gray and silver undertones. Sage green is an excellent alternative to the classic neutral tones.
  2.  Ivy green – Do you want a natural look that is inspired by the Ivy climbing plant? This dark green tone has a vibrant evergreen appearance that features olive and gray undertones.
  3. Spruce green – Add some vibrancy to your siding with a lush, natural-looking facade. This distinct deep hue has a bold look that resembles blue.
  4. Tundra green – Your siding can achieve a look of stability, consistency, and longevity with a Tundra green hue. This warm green tone has an imposing allure thanks to a blend of gray and ebony tints.    
  5. Country green – If you want to add a punchy bold green to your siding, this is your color.  Country green combines deep tones with bright, dramatic hues giving your exterior a classic lush look that won’t go out of style.

Light Green Siding Colors

The subtlety of light green siding gives it an esthetic appeal that rivals the popular neutral tones like white, beige, cream, and tan.  

Whether you prefer light green aluminum siding or light green siding with stone, you’re assured of an excellent exterior finish that you’ll be proud of.

Light Green Siding Chart

Check out the light green color options for your home siding in 2022.

Light Green Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
cypress sidingCertainTeed
seagrass sidingCertainTeed
chesapeake green sidingRoyal Building Products
heathered moss sidingJames Hardie
soft green sidingJames Hardie
sandstone beige sidingJames Hardie
olive green sidingMastic Home Exteriors
mint sidingCertainTeed
serene seaglass sidingMastic Home Exteriors
woodland green sidingPly Gem
willow green sidingKaycan
seafoam green sidingLP SmartSide

What Color Light Green Has The Best Resale Value?

The color you choose for your exterior is just as important as your interior color scheme. The outer appearance gives the first impression to potential buyers, so this isn’t something you can overlook.   

The shade of light green that most homebuyers prefer is mint green. This crisp color has a soft visual texture that appeals to the eye.

Mint green is also versatile in terms of combinations which means you can pair it with various colors and still maintain an attractive frontage.

Top 5 Light Green Siding Colors

  1. Seagrass green – If you want to give your siding a lush light green appearance look no further. This color adopts its name from the marine vegetation with a rich green tone. The color incorporates aqua and cyan tints resulting in a versatile hue that combines effortlessly with other colors.   
  2. Olive green – A warm muted look is what you’ll achieve with this shade of green that features heavy yellow undertones. Some colors that go well with olive green siding include beige, tan, cream, and wood tones. The color also contrasts with deeper shades like brick red, pomegranate, and brown terracotta.   
  3. Mint green – Make your siding vibrant and crisp with this blend of white, blue, and green hues. The color evokes feelings of cheerfulness, freshness, and creativity, making it one of the most favored green siding options.   
  4. Chesapeake green – If you love elegant colonial-style exteriors this soft silky shade of green is what you need. This hue suits all types of siding and goes well with darker accents, creating an attractive contrast.    
  5. Seafoam green – A minty fresh look for your siding is achievable with the Seafoam green tone. This versatile color combines well with muted and darker tones. Symbolically, this hue represents revitalization and good luck.

What Color Shutters Go With Green Siding?

Matching your exterior siding colors with your shutters is a delicate process that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s advisable to compare various color combinations before settling on a particular scheme.

The table below gives a brief overview of shutter colors that match the green siding.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Shutter Colors
Dark Green Sidingblack shutter
brown shutter
red/burgundy shutter
white shutter
Light Green Sidingblack shutter
gray shutter
yellow shutter
tan shutter
beige shutter
white shutter

Tips for Matching Siding Color and Shutters

Most earthy shutter tones go well with green siding since green has an organic appeal.

However, lighter shades of green siding look more striking with softer colors like pastels. Darker tones will blend well with dark neutral colors. For instance, dark green siding with black shutters is an eye-catching look.

What  Color Trims Go With Green Siding?

See the brief breakdown of the ideal color matchups below.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Trim Colors
Dark Green Sidingblack trim
brown trim
blue trim
white trim
Light Green Sidingcream trim
white trim
tan trim

Signature Color Combos For Siding and Trim

These are the appealing color matches that you should consider.

  1. Sage green siding with brown trim – This combination offers excellent contrast for a sophisticated look.
  2. Cypress green siding with white trim – The white trim adds a light accent that stands out and maintains a distinguishable appearance.
  3. Sage green siding with cream trim -The cream trim creates a balanced look with its neutral, muted tone.
  4. Green siding with tan trim – Green and tan is a contrasting combination that may not seem attractive but blends well.

What Color Bricks Go With Green Siding?

Here’s a quick guide highlighting the brick colors that go well with green siding.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Brick Colors
Dark Green Sidingred brick
black brick
brown brick
orange brick
Light Green Sidinggray brick
brown brick
red brick
tan brick
white brick

Bricks can be hard to match with siding, but you can pull it off with some creativity. If you prefer a subdued, modern look, go for the brighter brick colors with mid-tone green shades. For instance, sage green siding with red brick is an excellent combination.

A white brick-green siding combo is a great option if you prefer a more conservative look.

What Color Front Doors Go with Green Siding?

See the quick guide below to identify the front door colors that match the green siding.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Door Colors
Dark Green Sidingblack door
brown door
red door
orange door
Light Green Sidinggray door
blue door
green door
purple door
orange door
yellow door
tan door
white door

A brighter-colored door often goes well with a deep-colored siding. A good example is sage green siding with red front door.

Pastels and other softer shades are more suited for lighter siding tones.

What Color Windows Go with Green Siding?

Here’s a quick peek at the ideal color combinations for windows and green siding below.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Window Colors
Dark Green Sidingred/burgundy windows
orange windows
tan windows
white windows
Light Green Sidingblack windows
gray windows
brown windows
blue windows

Ideally, your windows should have a contrasting color to your siding. However, there is always room for exceptions, such as a green siding-black windows combo.   

What Color Roofing Go With Green Siding?

Your roof is your home’s ‘crown,’ so you should make some effort to ensure it coordinates with your exterior color for a wholesome look.

Check out a brief breakdown of color matchups below.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Roofing Colors
Dark Green Sidingblack roof
gray roof
brown roof
red/burgundy roof
orange roof
Light Green Sidingblack roof
gray roof
brown roof
beige roof
tan roof

Most roof colors tend to be neutral-colored, which works well with green home exteriors—for instance, a green siding-brown roof combination. If you want to be more experimental, try brighter roof colors like brick red, burgundy, and orange.   

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