22 Green Vinyl Siding Colors 2024

A green vinyl siding can give your home a natural look that is both pleasant and unique. However, it is not an easy color to work with and you must take caution because things could go south.

Green siding may not be the most favored option for home exteriors, but if you get the right shade and accents you just might find your dream color scheme. 

This article will give valuable insights into the range of green hues and combinations that can  add vibrancy to your home’s exterior.

Is Green Vinyl Siding a Good Idea?

Green is not the most obvious choice for home décor, but it’s gaining popularity due to its subtle appeal.

One benefit of using green siding is the range of trendy shades it comes in. There’s a tone to match every taste, from deep moss-colored shades to soft misty hues.

Although green-colored exteriors stray from the typical white, gray, and brick colors found on most houses, they can still help maintain your resale value due to their curb appeal.

Dark Green Vinyl Siding Colors

You can choose a lighter or darker shade of green, depending on your expressiveness.

Typically darker hues create a bolder, impactful look compared to lighter tones. So if you prefer you’re home to stand out more, go for the deeper shades.

Dark Green Vinyl Siding Chart

Check out the range of dark green vinyl options available in 2022 below.

Dark Green Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
Sage green vinyl sidingABTCO
Meadow fern vinyl sidingGentek Building Products
Khaki vinyl sidingABTCO
Moonlit moss vinyl sidingGentek Building Products
Forest vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Hearthstone vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Spruce vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Evergreen vinyl sidingABTCO
Tundra vinyl sidingABTCO
Cabot ivy vinyl sidingABTCO
Hunter green vinyl sidingNorandex
Ivy green vinyl sidingKaycan
Muskoka green vinyl sidingPly Gem
Emerald green vinyl sidingAllura

Top 5 Dark Green Vinyl Siding Colors

These are the highest-rated shades of dark green from our list of available vinyl siding colors.

  1. Sage Green – If you prefer rustic exteriors, this earthy shade has a grayish undertone that you’ll love. Some of the trim colors that suit this tone include white, gray, and yellow. Add pink to your trim color options if you’re looking for a more edgy look.
  2.  Forest Green – This color will give your home a natural look that resembles evergreen foliage. Forest green is a deep color that can be paired well with earthy browns and grays or softer white and yellow tones.
  3. Cabot Ivy Green – You can create an inviting ambiance with this pleasant natural tone. Cabot Ivy will give your home a feeling of stability, calmness, and warmth.
  4. Emerald Green – Give your home a bold appearance with this vivid green hue. A blue undertone adds a bit of punch to evoke aspects of growth, prosperity, and abundance.
  5. Hunter Green – If you love emerald, this is a similar shade but with more yellow undertones. The deep hue has a natural look that combines well with gray, white, pink, and yellow.

Light Green Vinyl Siding Colors

Light green vinyl siding is closer to the more conservative white and beige that homeowners are more accustomed to. So, if you’re searching for a unique home exterior color that’s not too bold or overbearing, lighter shades of green are ideal.

Light Green Vinyl Siding Chart

The table below highlights varied light green hues ideal for your exterior vinyl siding.

Light Green Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
Classic linen vinyl sidingABTCO
Cypress vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Seagrass vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Olive green vinyl sidingPly Gem
Mint green vinyl sidingPainting
Seafoam green vinyl sidingPainting
Mist green vinyl sidingKaycan
Willow green vinyl sidingKaycan

Top 5 Light Green Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Mint Green – Give your home exterior a fresh look with this blend of green, white and blue. This hue has a greater proportion of white, resulting in a soft, inviting aesthetics.  
  2. Olive Green – Enhance your vinyl siding with this warm, appealing green tone. This shade of green contains a high concentration of yellow undertone, giving your vinyl siding a natural look. Olive green is sometimes mistaken for a pale version of brown. 
  3. Cypress Green – Add a universal appeal to your home with this mid-toned shade of green. The neutral undertone gives your vinyl siding a warm appearance. 
  4. Willow Green – A major main advantage of willow green is its ability to pair well with white, coral, and pink accents for a vibrant look. This lighter version of sage green has hints of olive and avocado shades.
  5. Seagrass Green – Create a feeling of calmness and tranquility with this medium shade of green that has yellow and blue undertones. 

How To Match Green Vinyl Siding

Green is not the easiest color to match, but you can create an attractive color scheme once you find the right complementary shades.

Ideally, dark roofing material goes well with green vinyl siding, so the ideal colors here include gray, dark brown, and black. 

You can either go with contrasting colors or dark shades for the shutters, front door, windows, and trim. Create a color scheme that blends with the surroundings and your interior.  

See a brief rundown of the matching color combos for various sections of a home exterior below. 

House Exterior PartsMatching Colors
roofinggreen vinyl siding with black roofing
green vinyl siding with gray roofing
green vinyl siding with brown roofing
shuttergreen vinyl siding with gray shutter
green vinyl siding with blue shutter
green vinyl siding with yellow shutter
green vinyl siding with white shutter
doorgreen vinyl siding with black door
green vinyl siding with brown door
green vinyl siding with white door
windowgreen vinyl siding with light blue window
green vinyl siding with yellow window
green vinyl siding with white window
trimgreen vinyl siding with black trim
green vinyl siding with brown trim
green vinyl siding with white trim


Based on the chart above, use 2-3 paragraphs to describe how to match siding and roofing,shutter,door,window and trim colors. You need to give some ideas or methods of color selection. 

Make Green Work For You

The colors that you eventually choose for your home boil down to your personality and general preference. Choosing a green color scheme indicates that you’re bold enough to avoid conformity. However, getting the right combination can be challenging.

These three tips will make it easier for you to make the right color choices.

Consult Color Charts

It may seem too technical to read and understand color codes, so detailed charts give you a clear perspective of various green shades and how they blend with other colors.

Bring Out Your Personality

A major benefit of green vinyl siding is the range of shades available. From deep moss green to striking neon green, you have plenty of options to express yourself through your home exterior. 

Consult an Expert

You may have an idea of the green you want for your vinyl siding, but a professional will give you an expert opinion on the viability of your choices. Be open to critique, and if necessary, make some compromises.  

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