30 Popular Gray Vinyl Siding Colors 2024

If you’re tired of the bland beige siding that homeowners have become accustomed to, it may be time to switch to a bolder gray look.

Although gray is a somewhat muted color, it can add character to your home and give it a striking new appearance.

This guide will take you through the gray options for your home siding, ranging from gray dutch lap vinyl siding to stone gray vinyl siding.

Is It Better to Have Light or Dark Gray Vinyl Siding?

Technically speaking, darker colors are known to retain heat and have more temperature variations. However, technological advancements have improved siding materials such that most colors have similar heat retention. 

Choosing the best vinyl siding for your home largely depends on personal preference more than anything else.

Whether you settle on light or dark vinyl siding, ensure that the color blends well with your windows, doors, roof, and other accessories.

Dark Gray Vinyl Siding Colors

Many homeowners avoid darker vinyl siding panels because of the expected wear and tear. Luckily, modern vinyl siding is treated with fade-resistant properties that keep houses looking good or longer.

If you choose gray vinyl siding, there are plenty of shades to consider. The chart below highlights various hues of gray so you can pick the one that best suits your taste.

Dark Gray Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
charcoal dark gray vinyl sidingCertainTeed, ABTCO
granite gray vinyl sidingCertainTeed
Nantucket gray vinyl sidingPly Gem
bluish gray vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
iron-gray vinyl sidingJames Hardie
graphite gray vinyl sidingStyle Crest
battleship gray vinyl sidingpainting color
flagstone gray vinyl sidingCertainTeed
seaport gray vinyl sidingNorandex
shadow gray vinyl sidingPly Gem
basalt gray vinyl sidingNovik
night gray vinyl sidingJames Hardie
marine dusk vinyl sidingGentek Building Products

What Color Dark Gray Vinyl Siding Has the Best Resale Value?

Most homebuyers opt for neutral colors, which is why gray, white, and beige are the most favored colors. But which specific tone of dark gray has the highest resale value?

Most potential homebuyers go for bold tones that stand out and can be personalized to suit various home décor styles.

The bolder hues also blend in well with the surroundings; hence deeper shades of gray are more likely to be preferred by new homeowners.

Some of the most desired dark gray tones include graphite gray, granite, and night gray.

Siding Colors That Reduce Resale Value

Most home buyers are known to steer clear of pastel tones such as pink, orange, teal, and yellow. Houses with these bright hues are not recommended if you plan to put your house up for sale.

Top 5 Dark Gray Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Granite Gray – CertainTeed offers this subtle exterior vinyl siding with a mid-tone hue which is easy on the eyes.
  2. Bluish Gray – Color blends are a great way of creating a unique appearance, and the dark-blue-gray tone is a striking and sophisticated look that stands out.
  3.  Iron Gray-This dark hue has a hint of green that creates a bold look that is elegant and somewhat dramatic.
  4. Graphite gray – This deep shade has a dark charcoal-like appearance ideal for those who prefer a bold non-traditional look.
  5. Night gray – This tone is deep, dramatic, and exudes confidence.  

Light Gray Vinyl Siding Colors

When you move into a new house, a lighter color often gives off a subconscious feeling of a fresh start. Soft gray vinyl is a brilliant home exterior color that is expressive and adds character to a home.

Check out the chart below to see the range of light gray options available if you are interested in vinyl siding for your home.

Light Gray Vinyl Siding ColorsAvailable Manufacturer
cape cod gray vinyl sidingAlside
sterling gray vinyl sidingCertainteed
greystone vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
slate gray vinyl sidingKaycan
victorian gray vinyl sidingPly Gem
harbor gray vinyl sidingABTCO
Dover gray vinyl sidingGentek Building Products
metropolitan gray vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
silver gray vinyl sidingAbel & Son
storm gray vinyl sidingAlside
platinum gray vinyl sidingAlside
Chesapeake gray vinyl sidingGentek Building Products
flint gray vinyl sidingPly Gem
estate gray vinyl sidingRoyal Building Products
stone gray vinyl sidingPly Gem
heritage gray vinyl sidingABTCO
pearl gray vinyl sidingJames Hardie

What Color Light Gray Vinyl Siding Has The Best Resale Value?     

Gray is the color of choice for many homeowners because of its closeness to earthy tones, and the light gray palette’s calming effect is evident.

Light gray siding has a unique freshness, especially when paired with white trim. The best tones that could boost home resale value include sterling gray, slate gray, and pearl gray.

Top 5 Light Gray Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Sterling Gray – This pleasant mid-tone hue typically includes hints of yellow, creating a soft visual texture.
  2. Chesapeake Gray – This gray color has a light-blue undertone that gives it a subtle appeal.  
  3. Silver Gray –  This is an almost off-white tone with a metallic hue that almost resembles the look of polished silver.  
  4. Storm Gray –  This is an appealing mid-tone version of gray that has a cool temperature and gives off a fresh look.
  5. Pearl Gray – A pale tone of gray with a soft light-blue tint similar to actual pearls. This shade of gray also includes some greenish undertones.

What Color Shutters Go With Vinyl Siding?

Good vinyl siding house and shutter combinations create the all-important curb appeal. Choosing the right colors positively impacts people’s perceptions. This should extend from the siding to trim areas such as the wood shutters and board and batten shutters.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Trim Colors
Dark Gray Vinyl SidingBlack, Blue, Red/Burgundy, Clay
Light Gray Vinyl SidingBlack, Brown, Yellow, Blue, Beige, Tan

What Shutter Color Combinations Work Best With Vinyl Siding?

Sometimes dark colors on the shutters and siding create a great scheme. Good examples include gray vinyl siding with black shutters or gray vinyl siding with dark wood shutters.

If you are adventurous, you can create interesting combinations such as gray vinyl siding and red shutters or gray vinyl siding and slate blue shutters. 

Whichever color scheme you choose, ensure it matches your interior and reflects your personal preference.  

What Color Trims Go With Gray Vinyl Siding?

Like shutters, trims are important fixtures when planning your exterior color scheme. You could ruin excellent architecture by choosing the wrong siding and trim color combinations. 

 Check out some recommended vinyl siding trim options in the table below.

Vinyl Siding ColorMatching Trim Colors
Dark Gray Vinyl SidingWhite, Brown, Burgundy
Light Gray Vinyl SidingWhite, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige, Tan

4 Vinyl Siding and Trim Color Combination Recommendations

Don’t let your home lose its esthetic appeal due to poor color choices. These ideas will help you find the right color blends to make your home stand out.

  1.  Multi-Tonal Frontage – if you prefer a multi-faceted design, your gray siding can have two different shades and a lighter color for the trim. If this look is well-executed, you can achieve a radiant look.
  2. Lights and Darks – Combining dark vinyl siding with a light-colored trim creates an appealing contrasting scheme. This design also helps give the windows some prominence alongside a dark façade.
  3. Edgy and Conservative –  Gray siding is bold and traditional, but combining it with a vibrant barn red trim color creates a great visual charm.
  4. Subtle Dark Look – Sometimes combining dark siding with dark trim colors creates a bold look. For instance, by combining dark vinyl siding with dark brown trim, you can create a rich earthy look.

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