6 Vinyl Siding Colors and Popular Trends 2024

Vinyl siding is cheap and requires minimal maintenance. But it is its endless variety of styles and colors that are most alluring. However, choosing your vinyl siding’s color/s is not easy with so many options on the market.

Additionally, trends keep changing over the years.

Color plays a significant role in enhancing your exterior’s curb appeal. Choosing the best vinyl siding colors possible is, therefore, very important.

In this article, we highlight popular vinyl shake siding colors in 2021. We also update you on current vinyl trends. Read on.

Best Vinyl Siding Colors in 2021

Vinyl siding has its pros and cons. One of its main advantages is offering a variety of color choices. Here are our best picks for 2021.

Red Vinyl Colors

Deep shades of red are on-trend in 2021. That is in line with a general trend that has homeowners making more bold color choices recently.

Burgundy is a perfect example of a rich red siding color. Its strongest selling point is the fact that it can bring life in an otherwise uninteresting design.

You should combine red with white or black trims. The contrast will add more interest and intrigue to your exterior.

Grey Vinyl Siding Colors

Grey has been a popular siding color for a long time, mainly due to its versatility. Firstly, it blends well with almost every color you pair it with.

Gray also comes in a variety of shades. That gives homeowners many light and dark color choices along a broad spectrum.

You can combine gray vinyl siding with white trims. The white and gray combo will make the design of your exterior stand out.

Green Vinyl Siding Colors

Green may not sound like the best idea for a siding color. But it can make the siding look attractive if you use it right.

The color blends well with a green landscape around the home. That makes it an excellent choice if you live in luscious landscapes or a wooden area.

There are many shades of green. One popular option in 2021 is forest green. It resembles nature much closer than other options.

A green siding can pair well with a grey roof. You can also incorporate white trims and accents to create contrast and add more interest and intrigue to your exterior.

Blue Vinyl Siding Colors

Blue is also a popular vinyl siding color in 2021. It is a perfect choice if you want to play it safe while still standing out from the crowd.

The color is associated with calm and serenity and can work with any architectural style.  It’s no wonder it’s a favorite from coast to coast.

But what you pair with a blue vinyl siding matters. The color works well with a grey roof. We also recommend using white trims to break the monotony.

Brown Vinyl Siding Colors

Brown is a distinct color that can transform the look of your siding. It can work for any architectural style, whether traditional or modern.

Dark shades of brown will highlight elements in your home more. On the other hand, lighter options will blend well with natural things like wood and stone.

You can pair brown siding with grey, red, or black roofs. The color can also blend well with soft yellow trims and accents.

White Vinyl Siding Colors

White has been a popular siding color for many years. And it is not going anywhere, by the look of things. You will find it in many vintage homes, but people still adore its classic looks in 2021.

You can pair white with any color since it blends with many colors effortlessly. As a result, it is easier to accent. That also explains why it is a popular option for trims.

Popular Vinyl Trends In 2021

The colors of Vinyl Siding have evolved over the years. Here are several popular trends you can try out this year.

Bold Color Choices

In the past, subtle pallets such as brown and gray were the most common siding colors. But choices have become bolder in 2021 if you look at vinyl siding colors on houses (pictures).

Homeowners are now opting for reds, greens, and even dark vinyl siding colors. Making such bold choices can give a modern touch to your home’s exterior, making it stand out.

Contrasting Shades

One of the many popular vinyl color combinations in 2021 is contrasting shades. Contrast adds interest and intrigue to your exterior.

One way of creating contrast is pairing a light-colored siding with dark trim and accents. Light gray siding and black trims is a perfect example. You can also paint one side of the house a different shade from the other.

Dynamic Textures

Homeowners are combining different types of siding in 2021. You can join this bandwagon by combining vinyl with brick or wood. The varying textures will help accentuate the look of your siding.

Other Elements to Consider When Choosing a Vinyl Siding Color

Of course, you cannot choose the color of your siding in isolation. You have to consider how it blends with the color of other exterior elements.

The Roof

The color of your vinyl siding must match the roof. You can create a jarring effect if the two are too contrasting. Using the same shade of color also looks bland.

Trims and Accents

The colors of the trims and accents also matter. Make sure these are in a different color from the siding. The contrast makes the exterior more striking.


People often ignore the surroundings when choosing vinyl siding colors. That is a mistake since the front yard also plays a significant role in curb appeal. You should ensure your siding’s color scheme also blends with the surrounding landscape.

As mentioned earlier, forest green blends well with nature. You can’t go wrong with it.


There you go. Now you are familiar with popular vinyl colors and trends in 2021. You can try any option we highlighted above so long as it suits the architectural style and does not clash with other colors on the home.

Remember, you can spice things up by contrasting different colors or combining vinyl with other materials to vary the texture. Above all, you should ensure the color you choose suits your style and preference.

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