White Siding Colors 2024

Why is white one of the most preferred siding colors by homeowners? There are plenty of reasons which we’ll delve into, but generally, white gives a fresh, unblemished look, and the neutral tone is easy to match with accent colors.   

Read on to learn more about the range of white siding materials and preferred color combinations for your home in 2022.

White Siding Material Options

Getting the right siding improves the aesthetic of your home. Whether you’re doing a makeover or building from scratch, you should choose outer cladding that suits your décor and meets your durability and maintenance standards. 

Let’s take a look at some of the available siding materials.

White Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding was introduced in the mid 20th century and is now the most popular form of home cladding in the United States. White vinyl siding has the following main selling points:

  • Low maintenance – You may think that white is difficult to maintain, but vinyl siding only needs occasional washing and not much else.
  •  Durability – Most white vinyl siding lasts 10 to 20 years before significant deterioration or discoloration occurs.
  • Customization – White vinyl siding easily matches other colors and fits most home décor styles.

White Metal Siding

Metal is a sturdy material that can give your home a neat, modern look. Lightweight metal sheets are customized to suit a home’s shapes, edges, and curves. A frame is then constructed around the house to attach the metal panels. 

Finally, the metal sheets are attached with backing material and a moisture-proof barrier.  

White metal siding is weatherproof to withstand extreme weather elements. The siding will maintain a factory finish look for many years but may require minor touch-ups from time to time.

The most popular options here include white aluminum siding, white steel siding, and white tin siding. 

White Wood Siding

Wood siding has been part of U.S culture since the country’s early days. You can recreate an appealing traditional look with personalized white wood siding. This siding comes in different variants. Some of the popular choices include:

White Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar is a durable all-weather material that can give your home exterior an inviting look. Cedar shake siding has a lifespan of up to 40 years with good maintenance.

White Oak Siding

This hardwood siding material is dense and can be crafted to suit your home exterior. White-colored oak siding creates a modern yet time-honored look that is pleasing to look at.

White Pine Siding

Pine is an excellent material for exterior home cladding because of its ability to withstand the elements. Despite being a softwood, pine is reasonably resistant to rot and warping. Once you install white pine siding, expect about 20 years of service before doing a makeover. 

White Fiber Cement Siding

Cement composite material can be manufactured into sturdy siding panels. The maintenance-free siding is waterproof and offers resistance against fire and insects. A white finish has an alluring appeal that will give you years of service. 

White Siding Types

Once you settle on white siding for your home, you’ll have many designs to choose from. Check out these options before making your final decision. 

White Board and Batten

This farmhouse-style siding creates a modern look based on a classic design. The white color adds a distinct visual appeal by creating a soft reflective appearance.

White board and batten is an excellent siding option for a timeless home exterior look.

White Hardie Board Siding

This unique form of fiber cement can create a natural look and give you the durability you need for your home exterior. 

White is alluring on Hardie board siding, and since the material is easy to customize, you can add accent colors that match your décor

White Vertical Siding

Why settle on conventional horizontal siding design when you can achieve a unique look with vertical cladding. Many homeowners are now favoring the top to bottom panel layout due to its attractive and trendy look.

White vertical siding gives your home a contemporary farmhouse look and creates an illusion of height. 

White Horizontal Siding

This is a more conventional siding design with the panels running across and is sometimes called lap siding. The horizontal siding layout used to be common with wood construction, but today there are plenty of alternative materials to complete the look.

White may seem too bland to pair with this layout, but you can make your home attractive with some creativity and vibrant accents.  

White Clapboard Siding

Clapboard is sometimes called bevel siding, lap siding, or clawboard.

The horizontal placement of white narrow siding planks gives your home a rustic farmhouse look that is easy on the eyes.

White Siding House Ideas

Surveys show that white is among the most popular colors for home exteriors. The fresh, charming look adds prominence, and the best part is that you can add some custom designs to make your home stand out more. The following are some ideas.

Modern White Siding House

Light-colored home exteriors have a timeless appeal, so don’t expect your home to look outdated in the next few years.

Modern architectural design still features white homes with a range of decorative accent colors. Contemporary homes may feature traditional or modern-day designs, but the bottom line is each white-themed home should reflect personal preferences and creativity.

White Siding With Stone

Give your home an eye-catching look by pairing stone accents with white siding. The two surfaces contrast each other in texture and color, giving your home a unique appearance. 

You could also opt for a white stone veneer siding which is a modern look that mimics a complete stone construction.

So, what color stone goes with white siding? Contrasting neutral colors like black, brown, and gray are the best options for an attractive color scheme.

White Siding With Brick

Whether you choose to mix white siding with brick or stick to a complete white brick veneer siding, you’ll make your home stand out.

Ideally, if you want to pair white siding with brick, ensure the white is creamy or warm to give the house a neat, cohesive look.

White Siding Ranch House

Ranch houses have a country appeal that looks good in urban or rural settings. These charming homes look great with light-colored exteriors, and white seems to be the color of choice for most homeowners.

White barn siding paired with dark trim and a neutral-colored roof will ensure your ranch house maintains a pristine appearance.

White Siding Colors

Your home exterior is the first impression of your home, so choosing white cladding is a bold, expressive statement.

Don’t restrict yourself to just one shade of white. There are plenty of off-white alternatives that could add more dimension to your color scheme.

Here are some white tones to consider for your siding.

Colonial White Siding

If you’re looking for a shade of white with an earthy feel, colonial white is a great choice. The tone features creamy yellow, brown, and soft green undertones to add an organic feel to your siding.

This shade of white goes well with dark contrasting trim and accent colors.

Off White Siding

If you find pure white too lackluster for your siding, off-white shades like ivory, vanilla, cream, and eggshell may be more appealing.

Off-white sidings maintain the subtlety of white but add warm, inviting tints.

Arctic White Siding  

Many homeowners consider standard white too muted and lacking vibrancy. Arctic white is a great alternative if you want a slight gray tint for your home exterior.

Arctic white combines well with neutral colors like black and gray and contrasting colors such as red, blue, and green.

White Siding Color Combinations

Enhance your home’s curb appeal by choosing color matchups that will make an impact. You don’t necessarily have to select bold colors to have an attractive color scheme. Ensure that the dominant white color is in harmony with the accent, trim, and roof hues.

White Siding With What Roof Color

White siding goes well with darker neutral colors because the contrast makes both shades pop.The most suitable color combination is white siding with black roof or white siding with brown roof.

 White Siding With What Color Shutter

Light-coloured accents often don’t go well with white siding because the whole look becomes too muted. The most suitable combinations are white siding with black shutters or white siding with blue shutters.

Ensure white siding, wood shutters, and roof colors contrast to create visual appeal.

White Siding With What Color Trim

The trim color is versatile because it can match with contrasting or similar colors. Here are some popular examples.

  • White siding with black trim – The stark disparity of these two colors makes a good matchup.
  • White siding with gray trim – The contrast is not that distinct, but it’s enough to create a complementary theme.
  • White siding with white trim – A white-on-white color combination is not very common, but it can work if you prefer a muted look.
  • White siding with blue trim – Pairing white with blue creates a divergent appeal.

White Siding With What Color Brick

Bricks or brick veneers combine well with white siding for a creative mix-and-match look. Matching the colors of their surfaces gives your home exterior a warm façade.

The following are some color matchups you can consider for your home:

  • White siding with red brick
  • White siding with white brick
  • Gray brick with white siding
  •  White siding with black brick

White Siding With What Color Window

Window colors are usually conservative and don’t stray too far from black, gray and white tones. Most homes have white siding with black windows or white siding with white windows.   

White Siding With What Color Accent

Accents play a big role in enhancing your exterior color scheme. Create a contrasting design by combining white siding with stone accents. Other color combinations with a natural look and feel include white siding with wood accents and white siding with cedar accents.

Does White Siding Get Dirty?

If you have settled on white siding for your home, you might ask yourself “Is white vinyl siding hard to keep clean?”

Home exteriors are exposed to various elements, including dust, soil, and grime. This means that the siding is likely to get dirty from time to time. 

The good news is that most siding materials, such as vinyl, metal, and cement fiber have hydrophobic surfaces that are waterproof and prevent dirt from settling. The surfaces are easy to clean, so a little scrub with water leaves surfaces sparkling.

Is White Siding a Good Choice?

Your choice of siding depends on your personal preference. White is an excellent choice if you prefer a light exterior that is pleasing to the eye and easy to combine with other décor elements.

Pros of White Siding

  • Absorbs less heat than colored siding, making it great for hot climate areas
  • Combines well with various colors to create attractive color schemes
  • Works well with classic and contemporary home designs
  •  Enhances home resale value

Cons of White Siding

  • It’s a common color which means your home may not stand out from many others in the neighborhood
  • Any blemishes that may appear on the siding surface are more noticeable

Is white Siding Cheaper Than Colored?

On average, white siding costs the same as colored siding. Color is not necessarily a factor that determines siding cost. The price disparity is evident when it comes to the siding type. For instance, brick siding typically costs more than clapboard.

Many siding suppliers offer free quotes or online calculators for cost-specific projects. 

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