4 Best Standing Seam Metal Roofing and 2 Worst Options to Avoid in 2024

Metal roofing has gained popularity over the years. In particular, standing seam metal roofs stand out for their durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. It’s no wonder many metal roofing manufacturers have included this type of metal roof in their product catalog.

However, all brands are not equal. With so many manufacturers in the market, it is imperative to separate the wheat from the chaff. In this article, we look at the four best standing seam offerings. We also review the two worst brands you should avoid in 2021.

4 Best Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The best standing seam metal roofing brands stand out for their commitment to delivering quality products and services. They also offer a variety of options to cater to varying project needs and preferences. Here are the four brands that meet these expectations.

MBCI Metal Roofing – Best Buying Options

MBCI Metal Roofing has headquarters in Houston, Texas. It also has manufacturing facilities spread across the country. Its standing seam catalog includes six options with varying sizes, profiles, colors, and finishes.

MBCI may not have the broadest standing seam catalog, but its products are of high quality. They have four mechanically seamed panels whose weather-tight properties make them appropriate for low-slope roofs. They also have two snap-lock options which offer the best balance in price and functionality.

This brand’s standing seam panels are only available in steel. However, you can choose among three finishes: bare Galvalume, silicone polyester, or PVDF. They offer a 20-year limited warranty on Galvalume and a 30-year chalk and fade warranty on signature 200 (silicone polyester) and signature 300 (PVDF) finishes.

If you don’t need to replace your existing roof, MBCI’s Double-lok panel is suited for retrofit applications. You can install it over the existing structure without adding any sub-framing. The company also sells the Curved BattenLock panel that you can install directly over purlins or joists. For large projects, the curving can take place on-site.  


  • Has an online ordering system

  • It has a curved panel option

  • The Double-lock panel is suited for retrofit applications

  • Over 20 standard color options

MBCI cons

  • Panels only available in steel

  • Offers no cheaper standing seam alternatives

McElroy Metal – Broad Variety of Profiles

McElroy Metal is a top roofing manufacturer with headquarters in Bossier City, Louisiana. It also has manufacturing facilities, service centers, and customer service offices throughout the country. The brand’s standing seam catalog includes eight options.

McElroy Metal’s panels come in a broad range of profiles to cater to varying budget needs. Their mechanically seamed panels are a bit pricey. However, they are weather-tight and very durable. Therefore, you can install them on slopes as low as 1:12.

Snap-lock panels are also effective but are cheaper and quicker to install. They are best overall if you consider functionality, cost, and ease of installation. McElroy Metal also offers nail flange panels. Although this is the worst-performing of the three, it is the cheapest option available. This can be appropriate for high-pitched roofs in mild climates.

Although most of its panels are only available in steel, the maxima, medallion lock, and 138 & 238 panels have an aluminum option. Aluminum is more corrosion resistant and works best in coastal environments. Moreover, the 138 & 238 also have a copper option if you want panels that last a lifetime.

All McElroy Metal’s panels feature a Galvalume substrate and PVDF finishes. That means they have the best protection against the vagaries of weather. However, the lack of options in finishes means there are no cheaper alternatives available for the cost-conscious buyer.

McElroy Metal has a massive presence in the country. Apart from its 13 manufacturing centers, it also has 25 service centers and four customer centers. These are spread across 17 states. Moreover, it also partners with contractors and distributors across the country.

McElroy Metal Pros

  • Broad variety of profiles

  • Offers retrofit and recover panels

  • Massive presence in the country

  • Offers on-site roll forming services

McElroy Metal Cons

  • Limited variety of finishes

  • Expensive

Custom Bilt Metals – Most options in Materials

Custom Bilt Metals is a top metal roofing company offering services in the western United States and Hawaii. Apart from its headquarters in Irving, Texas, it also has sales offices in five states. Its standing seam catalog features eight options.

All Custom Bilt Panels are available in steel, aluminum, and copper. Although steel is a strong material, aluminum is better suited for coastal environments owing to its high corrosion resistance. Copper panels are the most expensive but are very durable. A copper standing seam roof can last for 100 years or more.

Custom Bilt does not have a broad standing seam catalog. However, the eight standing seam panels come with different profiles, sizes, colors, and finishes. Moreover, they are suited for residential and commercial applications.

Exterior finish options include full 70% PVDF, Fluropon, Kynar 500, or Hynar 5000. There are more than 21 standard colors to choose from, but custom and premium colors are also available upon request. Be ready to incur additional costs, though. The panels come in mechanically seamed and snap-lock profiles.

Custom Bilt offers several warranties for its standing seam products. There is a residential limited lifetime and a 30-year commercial standard paint warranty. Also, there is a 15-year severe marine and a 20-year severe marine extended warranty. Furthermore, they offer a 25-year Galvalume limited warranty that covers ruptures, perforation, and structural failure.

Custom Bilt Metals Pros

  • Available in steel, aluminum, and copper

  • Custom and premium colors are available

  • Offers severe marine warranties

Custom Bilt Metals Cons

  • No cheaper alternatives in finishes

  •  Expensive

Metal Sales Manufacturing – Broad Product Catalog

Metal Sales has one of the broadest, if not the broadest, standing seam catalogs. Moreover, their panels come with varying profiles, sizes, colors, and finishes. That makes them suitable for an extensive range of applications and budget needs.

If you are looking for the most durable and weather-tight options, there are mechanically seamed panels available. The company also offers Snap-lock systems for those looking for a balance in price and functionality. If you are more concerned about costs than functionality, you can opt for nail flange alternatives.

Despite having a broad catalog, the majority of the panels are only available in steel. However, five aluminum options offer flexibility in design and superior corrosion resistance. These are more suitable if you live near the ocean, where salty water can accelerate corrosion.

Metal Sales also offers retrofit roofing solutions. You have two options: Retro-Master and Roof Hugger. The former utilizes new framing members that transform a failing flat roof into a new slopped roof. Meanwhile, the latter enables you to put a new roof over an existing sloped one. You don’t have to remove the existing structure.

Metal sales offers different warranties depending on the paint finish. PVDF finishes have a 45-year warranty covering the film’s integrity and a 35-year chalk and fade warranty. Panels with a Colorfast45 finish also get a 45-year film integrity warranty. However, the chalk and fade warranty is only valid for 30 years.

Metal Sales Pros

  • Broad product catalog

  • Offers retrofit roofing solutions

  • Broad Price range

  • Has aluminum options

Metal Sales Cons

  • Most panels are only available in steel

  •  Sells only through distributors and contractors


MBCI Roofing

McElroy Metal

Custom Bilt

Metal Sales



Steel, aluminum and copper

Steel, aluminum and copper

Steel and aluminum

Number of offerings






Mechanically seamed and snap-lock

Mechanically seamed, snap-lock and nail flange

Mechanically seamed and snap-lock

Mechanically seamed, snap-lock and nail flange




24 standard colors, 5 premium colors and natural metal



Bare Galvalume, silicone polyester, or PVDF

Bare Galvalume and PVDF

full 70% PVDF, Fluropon, Kynar 500, or Hynar 5000

Acrylic, Colorfast45 and PVDF

Paint warranties

1. 30-year chalk and fade warranty

2. 20-year limited Galvalume warranty

1. 40-year warranty on film integrity

2. 30-year chalk and fade warranty plus 25-year Galvalume limited warranty

1. Residential limited lifetime warranty

2. a 30-year commercial standard paint warranty

1. 45-year film integrity

2. a 35-year chalk and fade warranty (PVDF)

3. a 45-year film integrity

4. a 35-year chalk and fade warranty (Colorfast45)

Worst Standing Seam Metal Roofing to Avoid

Unfortunately, not every standing metal roofing brand will live up to expectations. Here are two metal roofing companies you should stay away from to avoid disappointments.

USA Metal Roof

USA Metal Roof is located in Stroudsburg, PA. The company offers a variety of roofing solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. However, its standing seam catalog leaves a lot to be desired.

The catalog includes three panel systems: Junior H-F, H-F 20.25, and H-F 16. All of these have a nail flange profile. It eliminates the need for clips by including one-inch slots through which the screws fasten the panel directly to the roof. However, this is the worst-performing standing seam profile.

Although this profile is cheap and easy to install, it is not as weather-tight or durable as mechanically seamed or snap-lock systems. Therefore, you can only install it on roofs with a minimum slope of 3:12. Also, it is not suited for commercial applications.

Nevertheless, USA Metal Roof’s nail flange panels are available in Galvanized and Galvalume substrates. They also feature a Kynar 500 finish with varying cool color options. Moreover, they come with a 40-year transferrable warranty.

You should only consider USA Metal Roof if you are looking for the cheapest standing seam metal systems. Otherwise, you cannot rely on the brand for roofing solutions that suit all types of applications. Save for its blog, USA Metal Roof also does not seem to offer many resources and tools to its consumers.

USA Metal Roof Pros

  • Transferrable 40-year warranty

  • Cheap

USA Metal Roofs Cons

  • Only nail flange profiles are available

  • Limited variety of options

  •  Not suited for commercial applications

  •  Offers no resources and tools

Interlock Roofing

Interlock Roofing serves North America with ten distribution centers spread across Canada and the United States. As far as standing seam metal roofs, it only has one system on offer.

Interlock’s standing seam system has a 17” panel width, a 1-inch seam height, and a maximum height of 26 inches. Please note that it is only available in aluminum.

Despite the panels being mechanically seamed, Interlock Roofing recommends installing them on a minimum slope of 3:12 if there is an ice and water underlayment. With standard underlayment, it requires a minimum slope of 4:12.

Interlock’s standing seam system features the Alunar® Coating System, which is supposed to be sturdier and more flexible than other PVDF coatings. The panels are Energy Star Rated and Cool Roof Rating Council rated. Moreover, they have a lifetime limited warranty. Interlock Roofing also offers curved and tapered panels for special applications.

Interlock Roofing is not the standing seam metal roofing brand for you unless your roofing project requires this specific type of panel. If you want more options in profiles, styles, sizes, and finishes, consider looking elsewhere.

Interlock Roofing Pros

  • Lifetime limited warranty

  • Suited for coastal environments

Interlock Roofing Cons

  • Offers only one system

  • Only available in aluminum

  • Features only one profile

  • No variety of finishes


USA Metal Roof

Interlock Roofing

Number of offerings



Profile Types

Nail flange

Mechanically seamed


Kynar 500

Alunar® Coating System




Paint warranties

Transferrable 40-year warranty

Lifetime limited warranty





Standing seam is the golden standard of metal roofing. It not only looks good but is also the most durable and long-lasting metal roof. Moreover, it will also save you a lot in cooling bills owing to its high energy efficiency.

There are many metal roofing manufacturers offering standing seam roofing systems. However, not all brands are worth your time and money. A good brand should maintain high-quality standards in its products and services.

Above, we have looked at some of the best standing seam metal roofing and the worst brands to avoid in 2021. We hope you will find one that will cater to your unique roofing needs without breaking the bank.

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