5 Best Metal Roofing Manufacturers and 2 Worst to Avoid in 2024

Metal roofs offer many benefits to the home and property owner. However, none of that will matter if you get a raw deal from your metal roofing manufacturer.

Which is the best metal roofing company, you ask? Well, we compiled this article to answer this critical question. Below, we list the five best companies you should consider giving a chance and the two worst that you should give a wide berth.

5 Best Metal Roofing Manufacturers in 2021

The following brands made the cut for their impressive metal roofing catalog and their commitment to solving consumer roofing problems.

MBCI Metal Roofing

MBCI is a top-tier metal roofing manufacturer with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Additionally, it has nine physical offices spread across eight states. Its product catalog includes metal roofing, retrofit systems, underhung canopies, soffits, and insulated roof panels.

MBCI features a broad metal roofing catalog. It includes 11exposed fastener panels, three minimally visible fastener panels, and six standing seam panels. Also, consumers who want to install a curved roof or fascia can pick one among three curved roof and fascia systems.

The roofing panels come in a variety of finishes, sizes, colors, and coatings. In particular, the standing seam panels are available in Galvalume plus, PVDF, and SMP coatings. There are lightweight and come in 29 standard color options. According to MBCI, they can last for up to 60 years.

MBCI offers many advantages to its consumers. However, its customer service stands out. For instance, it has one of the most comprehensive resource centers. It includes videos, podcasts, PDFs, charts, white papers, and a blog. You can also ask direct questions, and an expert will respond within 24 hours.


  • Comprehensive resource center
  • Excellent customer service
  • Supports online ordering
  • Technical experts available to answer questions


  • Expensive
  • Panels only available in steel

McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal has a massive presence in the United States. Apart from its headquarters in Bossier City, Louisiana, it has 13 manufacturing facilities, 25 service centers, and four customer service offices. These are spread across 16 states.

The company's product catalog is equally broad. It includes roof and wall panels, soffit, and fascia panels, retrofit systems, slit coils, flat sheets, and substructural components. Moreover, it provides on-site roll forming services.

McElroy Metal features a variety of roofing systems. These include standing seam and exposed fastener systems, specialty panels, and standing seam insulated panels. You can also use some of the panels in curved roofing and retrofit/recover roofing.

McElroy Metal stands out for its broad metal roofing catalog. While other metal roofing manufacturers offer exposed and concealed metal panels, it includes three specialty metal panels.

Another unique advantage is the weathertight warranties it offers on select standing seam panels alongside its finish warranties. These are either joint or single-sourced and last anywhere between five or 25 years.

McElroy Metal Pros

  • Massive presence
  • Variety of roofing systems
  • Offers on-site roll forming services
  • Offers weathertight warranties on select panels

McElroy Metal Cons

  • Expensive
  • Panels only available in steel

Metal Sales Manufacturing

Metal Sales has one of the broadest, if not the broadest, line of standing seam and concealed fastener systems in the industry. There are 39 exposed and 19 standing seam panels from which to choose. Additionally, the manufacturer also sells wall panels, insulated metal panels, and retrofit systems.

Metal Sales has headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. But it also has 21 manufacturing locations spread across 17 states. After 55 years in the business, it has won the MCA Chairman's Awards five times (in 2013, 2017, 2019, and 2020).

The company offers nothing special as far as warranties are concerned. However, it has some of the best warranties. The PVDF system warranty guarantees the film will not crack, peel, chip, and flake for 45 years, while the paint will not fade and chalk for 35 years.

Where we felt Metal Sales should improve is their customer service. We will not go as far as labeling it as wholly bad. But the manufacturer struggles in this aspect based on the independent reviews we have come across.

Metal Sales Pros

  • Broad catalog of panels
  • Long warranty periods2
  • Massive presence
  • Variety of finishes

Metal Sales Cons

  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Expensive

Custom Bilt Metals

Custom Bilt Metals started as a gutter manufacturer in southern California. Today, it sells over 2000 individual products and has offices spread across five states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

The company's metal roofing catalog is varied. Apart from standing seam roofing and exposed fastener systems, they also sell specialty panels. What's more, their products are available in copper and aluminum options. Aluminum has superior anti-corrosion properties, while copper is one of the most long-lasting roofing materials.

Custom Bilt's metal panels come in a variety of colors and finishes. There are more than two dozen color choices alongside elegant bare metals. Finishes include Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP), 70% PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), Kynar 500, Hylar 5000, and Fluropon.

The company offers some of the best finish warranties on the market. These include a Limited Lifetime Residential warranty, a Limited 30 Year commercial warranty, and a Limited 25 Year Galvalume warranty. Additionally, there are residential and commercial severe marine extended warranties (20 years).

Custom Bilt Metals Pros

  • Variety of roofing systems
  • Includes copper and aluminum options
  • Offers severe marine warranties
  • Committed to sustainability

Custom Bilt Metals Cons

  • Expensive
  • Inconsistent customer service

ATAS Metal Roofing

ATAS started humbly in the home basement of its founder Jacobus "Jack" P. More than 55 years later, the company has a headquarter office in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Additionally, it has two other locations in University Park, Illinois, and Mesa, Arizona.

ATAS sells its products through a network of dealers and distributors spread across the country. Its metal roofing catalog includes standing seam and exposed fastener systems. But it also sells specialty panels that resemble traditional tiles and shingles.

ATAS's metal panels are available in over 40 color options. They have the broadest variety of material choices that includes steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Aluminum panels do well in coastal environments, while zinc and copper make the most long-lasting roofing systems.

ATAS does not offer favorable finish warranties despite featuring 70% PVDF finishes. But they also provide a 20-year limited product warranty and a 20-year Standard Limited weather tightness warranty. However, these are too restrictive.

What we found unique with ATAS is the availability of pricing information. With most metal roofing companies, you usually have to request a quote. ATAS makes it easier to know the cost of buying materials by providing a price book containing the prices of all its offerings.

ATAS Metal Roofing Pros

  • Variety of roofing systems
  • Variety of material options
  • Availability of pricing information
  • Supports online ordering


  • Sells through distributors and dealers
  • Short warranty periods

The table below compares these five companies and their offerings.





Finish warranties





  • 40 years film integrity
  • 30 year paint warranty

Metal Sales

Steel and aluminum

30+ depending on finish


  • 40 years film integrity
  • 30 year paint warranty

McElroy Metal




  • 30 years film integrity
  • 40 years film integrity 
  • 30 year paint warranty (SMP)
  • 35 year paint warranty (PVDF)

Custom Bilt

Steel, Copper, aluminum


SMP, 70% PVDF Kynar 500, Hylar 5000 or Fluropon.

  • Limited Lifetime Residential warranty,
  • a Limited 30 Year Commercial warranty,
  • a Limited 25 Year Galvalume warranty.


steel, aluminum, copper and zinc


70% PVDF

  • 20-year Limited

2 Worst Metal Roofing Manufacturers to Avoid 2021

Unfortunately, not all metal roofing manufacturers will live up to expectations. Here are two companies you should avoid in 2021.

Metal Deck Supply – No variety of products

Metal Deck has a massive presence in the country, with locations in 12 states. It will ship its products anywhere, including internationally. However, the company only sells two corrugated metal roofing panels.

The ½ and 7/8 corrugated panels are available in 22 and 24 gauge but only come in 10-inch lengths. To be fair, the company does cut to length. However, it only offers this service in its Aurora and Lenoir City locations.

Apart from its limited metal roofing options, Metal Deck provides no information regarding warranties. Also, we could not find any technical information about its products. You have to contact them to learn more about their panels.

Moreover, you should not expect to find tools and resources for consumers. What is only available is a FAQ section that answers some common queries consumers may have regarding the company and its products.

ACT Metal Deck Supply pros

  • Massive presence
  • Ships everywhere


  • No variety of options
  • No information about warranties
  • Provides no technical information
  • Not all gauges and lengths are available in all areas

Interlock Roofing

Interlock Roofing

Interlock Roofing is a North American roofing manufacturer with 10 distribution centers in Canada and the United States.  It has superior warranties but only offers very few selections in its product catalog.

The company offers four specialty panels (a slate, shingle, tile, and shake) and a standing seam system. They all come with a 50-year transferable roof warranty that covers manufacturing defects that lead to issues such as rusting, rotting, cracking, and splitting.

All the panels feature an Alunar® Coating System, which should be sturdier and more flexible than other PVDF Finishes. However, the panels are only available in nine color options. Moreover, there are no steel options available.

Interlock Roofing reviews are generally positive, but many consumers have complained about their poor communication. In some instances, it has taken months to sort out an issue and usually after a negative review.

Overall the company's roofing panels are of good quality. However, you have to keep an open mind since there are limited options available.

Interlock Roofing Pros

  • Lifetime limited warranty on products
  • Suited for coastal environments

Interlock Roofing Cons

  • Few selections available
  • Poor communication
  • No variety of finishes
  • Not available in steel

Here is a summary of what Interlock Roofing and ACT Metal Deck Supply offer.


Interlock Roofing

ACT Metal Deck Supply

No of panels





Aluminum, copper



Alunar® Coating System

Coating warranties

You have to contact the manufacturer

Lifetime limited


Bare metal


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