Lyon Metal Roofing Review – Pros and Cons

Lyon is a manufacturer that specializes in metal roofing for residential and commercial use. While based in Tennessee, they have facilities in several states across the Southeast including North Carolina and Virginia. The company currently carries a variety of products like pole barns, vinyl siding, accessories, and metal roofing which is what we’re going to touch on in our review.

About Lyon Metal Roofing

Lyon has been in business since 1985 but only began manufacturing products in the year 2000. The company currently manufactures and distributes vinyl siding, metal roofing along with products like carports, siding, windows and doors. Showrooms are available in two areas in Tennessee but the company has seven service locations spanning three states.

From Lyon Metal Roofing's official website, you can browse through their catalog of metal roofing, vinyl siding, or accessories like pipe boots, and roofing screws. They also have a line of specialized tools for roofers and contractors whether you need a power shear to deal with asphalt shingles or an outlet punch system.

Lyon Metal Roofing Product Line

Lyon currently manufactures several types of metal roofing panels along with other types of roofing including stone-coated metal shingles and siding panels. Regardless of the style or thickness, all Lyon metal roofing comes with a 50-year warranty against chipping and paint fading.



Rib Height




AG Panels




26, 29-gauge






24, 26-gauge


Standing Seam

16” or 5’

$1”, 1.5”, 1.75”





16” to 24”








11 ¼”



AG Metal Roofing Panels

One of the more popular options in the residential metal roofing sector are called AG Panels. That's short for agricultural panels, and the AG panels from Lyon come in two thicknesses with 29 or 26 gauge metal. They require a minimum of 3/12 roof pitch and measure 36” with ¾” ribs spaced at the standard 9” on center.

  • Gauges – 26, 29
  • Pitch – 9”
  • Rib Height – ¾”
  • Coverage – 36”

PBR/R Metal Roofing Panels

These panels are also listed with two thicknesses, so you can choose from 26 or 24 gauge roofing panels. R panels can only be used in sidewall applications, however, whereas the PBR panels can be used in both the sidewall and roof. Those PBR metal roofing panels are spaced at 12” on center with taller ribs but still listed a 36”.Gauges – 24, 26

  • Gauges – 24, 26
  • Rib Height –1/2”
  • Pitch – 12”
  • Coverage – 36”

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

While you can only purchase Lyon standing seam metal roofing in 24 gauge thickness, it's the best choice for homeowners looking for something durable on their home. These interlocking panels will work with either nail strips or a clip system and can span up to 5’ purlin spacing at the largest rib height. The rib heights for the company’s standing seam panels are listed at 1”, 1.5”, and 1.75”.

  • Gauges – 24
  • Rib Height –1”, 1.5”, 1.75”
  • Coverage – 16” (standard 1”) 5’ (1.75” rib height)
  • Texture – (optional) Pencil Rib or Striations

Trapezoidal Standing Seam and 5V Roof Panels

For large-scale applications that require maximum coverage, you could consider the Trapezoidal standing seam system from Lyon. You can get 16” to 24” of coverage from these panels, which are run on-site and only available in 24-gauge metal. 

Alternatively, Lyon's 5V metal roofing is 24” and listed at 29 gauge thickness. These metal roofing panels provide 24” of coverage with a pitch of 11 ½”.

Colors from Lyon Metal Roofing

Buying a top-tier panel is only part of choosing a new metal roof for your home or business. Color is important for aesthetic purposes, but a great coating system can increase the lifespan of your roof while decreasing maintenance.

Lyon uses the AkzoNobel CERAM-A-STAR 1050 system, which is engineered to provide maximum resistance against fading and chalking. This silicone-based polyester coil coating paint is a two-coat system with a primer and topcoat. The company provides a 50-year guarantee with their painted metal roofing which comes in some very interesting hues.

Classic colors from Lyon include reds and greens like Barn Red, Bright Red, and Southern Green. There are two shades of blue as well including the company's light and airy Hawaiian Blue metal roofing. Homeowners that prefer something a little darker can find that as well. Lyon has solid Black metal roofing along with several colors in the grey family like Burnished Slate and Charcoal.

In addition to the company'regular colors, there is a small specialty lineup. Copper Metallic will draw the attention of everyone in the neighborhood along with any aircraft passing overhead. Galvalume is on the opposite end of the spectrum, but just as stunning with its patterned design. Have a cabin in the woods or just want to keep a low profile? Then consider Camouflage metal roofing from Lyon.

Lyon Metal Roofing compared to the Competition

At the time of our review, Lyon Metal Roofing is one of the smaller manufactures of metal panel roofing with 5 styles in their catalog. That's a few panels short of what you’ll find from Western States or ABC Metal Roofing, but Lyon sets itself apart for different reasons.


This is more of a regional company than a national chain, which means you'll get more personalized service. Their Trapezoidal roofing system is ideal for larger projects where material can be seamed on-site, and their AG panels certainly won't break the bank.

If you're interested in custom sizes, there are better options available as you'll only find a few alternatives from the company. They have a fair amount of colors including a few specialty hues, and while they don't have a PVDF paint system, CERAM-A-STAR is a more affordable choice if budget is a concern.

Lyon Metal Roofing Cost and Availability

While you can walk into one of the company's showrooms and obtain pricing, they do not have the cost of their metal roofing listed on their website. That's not uncommon with manufacturers, however, especially ones that are regionalized like Lyon.

As we mentioned, the company's headquarters is in Tennessee with a service area in the Southeastern part of the United States. According to their website, there are seven locations overall with one in Virginia and South Carolina, two in North Carolina, and three in Tennessee. All of these locations are listed by phone number and address on the company's official website.


Lyon is a smaller metal roofing manufacturer in comparison to companies like ABC, and that shows in their overall selection. While they don't have the largest lineup, that's not necessarily a bad thing as it allows this family-owned company to pay more attention to detail and service.

The main issue for most homeowners may be the lack of a PVDF paint system, which is something you'll find from larger brands. If you're interested in learning more about their products or want to purchase roofing from the company, check out their official site at the link below.

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