MBCI Metal Roofing Reviews: Why it’s the Leading Manufacturer?

MBCI is a leading manufacturer of metal products for roofs and wall systems in the U.S. The company has a wide catalog of products, including 90 metal roof and wall profiles and related accessories.

MBCI has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, and sales and manufacturing facilities in many parts of the country. This enables it to cater to its wide range of customers who are spread throughout the United States.

However, its services go beyond sales. It also provides support to consumers before, during, and after the completion of their projects.

MBCI's Parent Company: About Cornerstone Building Brands

Cornerstone Building Brands is a manufacturer of exterior products in the North American region. Its catalog includes metal roofing, wall systems, vinyl siding, windows, insulated metal panels, and other metal accessories.

The company has headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, with manufacturing and sales offices spread throughout North America.

MBCI's History

MBCI was founded in 1976 by A.R. Ginn in Houston, Texas. The company has come a long way since it opened its first sales and manufacturing office, where it was producing basic metal building materials.

Over the years, it has expanded to include new product lines to cater to varying consumer needs. It has also incorporated new technological innovations to improve on already existing offerings.

However, MBCI's innovations extend beyond manufacturing panel profiles. For instance, it was the first company to manufacture double-high roll formers and the first to offer its consumers single source weather tightness warranties.

Currently, it operates under NCI Group, Inc after it merged with the Houston-based company in 1988. Since then, it has become a fully-fledged manufacturing company with in-house design capabilities and a leader in the metal construction industry.

How to Purchase MBCI Metal Roof Products?

As mentioned earlier, MBCI has manufacturing and sales offices strategically located throughout the United States. Apart from the main office in Houston, Texas, the company has nine other physical offices spread out in eight different states.

Consumers looking to buy its products can visit any physical facility closest to them. The nine include:

  • Adel, Georgia
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Atwater, California
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Rome, New York
  • Salt Lake City, Utah and
  • San Antonio, Texas

MBCI's Online Ordering System

Customers can also order MBCI products from anywhere, thanks to their new ordering website. The system allows consumers to create quotes and buy from the comfort of their homes. You don't have to visit a physical office.

Pros of MBCI Metal Roof

MBCI is by no means perfect. But there is a reason it is considered one of the leading manufacturers of metal roofing and wall systems. Before we get to areas where MBCI falls short, here are the reasons why the company is ahead of the pack.

1.MBCI's Resource Center Provides a Great Deal of Professional Help

MBCI's website includes a resource center that provides a great deal of information to guide and assist customers. Anybody with pertinent questions can access it to get answers from the experts. The resource includes:

MBCI Video Library

MBCI's video library is a great place for consumers to see some of MBCI's metal roofing and wall panel systems designs. It is an excellent resource if you want to check out examples of already implemented ideas.

MBCI Installation & Technical Manuals

Apart from the videos, MBCI also provides downloadable installation and technical manuals to assist consumers in selecting, buying and installing metal panel products. These manuals contain everything from product details and specifications to installation procedures and warranty information.

MBCI White Papers

MBCI white papers

The white papers provide additional information to help buyers gain technical knowledge and understand industry best practices. For instance, there's information on how to pick the right panel for a roof and how to protect metal roof panels in cold environments.

MBCI Document Finder

It can be hard to sift through over four thousand documents to find some specific information. But thanks to MBCI's document finder, the process is straightforward. All you need to do is type the name, category, specification, etc. and click search.

MBCI Metal Roof Residential Color Chart

Like most metal roof manufacturers, MBCI's products come in a wide variety of colors. The metal roof residential color chart enables consumers to choose from the color options available.

The chart comes complete with photos of already completed projects. That makes it easier for potential customers to choose between the different options on offer.

The colors are available in two different paint systems (Signature 200 and signature 300). Both are ENERGY STAR® approved.

2.MBCI Provides Sustainable Metal Roofing Products

There is a general trend for metal roofing manufacturers to lean towards environmentally friendly products. MBCI has not been left behind. Today, the company offers eco-friendly products to help consumers build sustainable structures or achieve LEED certification.

Their catalog has a wide variety of sustainable products. These include cool roof coatings, products made from recyclable materials, and insulated metal panels that enhance energy efficiency.

3.MBCI Supports Online Ordering

Granted, delays and other related issues are inevitable amid the COVID pandemic. However, MBCI's online ordering system is designed to ensure that customers' needs continue to be met. The company provides remote customer service, sales, and technical support at all times.

You only need to log into their website to make an order, and everything will be delivered to your doorstep.

4.Excellent Customer Service

Based on the reviews we read, MBCI provides high-quality customer service. Their sales representatives exhibit superior product knowledge and provide information that goes beyond pricing to include technical aspects, schedule, and availability. Many customers agree that their excellent service sets them apart from other players in the industry.

5.Timely Delivery

With a big company like MBCI, delays are inevitable. However, many customers applaud the company for its ability to meet delivery dates with accuracy.

6.Quick at Problem Solving

Again, problems are bound to arise when you are dealing with a sizeable company. However, reviewers hail the firm for its ability to face problems head-on. Whenever there is a problem with the quality or delivery, MBCI solves the problems on time. Not running away from responsibility has endeared them to their customers.

Cons of MBCI Metal Roof

MBCI has its good side. However, just like any other company, it is not perfect. Here are some of the not-so-good things about the company.

1.Higher Pricing

MBCI's prices are not the lowest in the industry. However, the value you get from their high-quality products could justify the premium costs.

2.Their Warranties are not All-Inclusive

Although MBCI provides warranties of up to 40 years, the fine print often includes some exclusions. For instance, breaks in the films as a result of metal forming are not included. Also, warranties that cover damages from atmospheric conditions will exclude marine atmospheres.

3.Does Not Outshine the Competition

MBCI offers many benefits to the consumer, as we highlighted above. However, you could also get most of these from its competitors. In other words, there is not much that sets the company apart. For instance, MBCI is not the only metal roofing manufacturer that sells sustainable products.

What are the MBCI Applications?

MBCI offers metal roofing and wall system products for residential applications. Apart from helping consumers enhance their homes' curb appeal, their offerings require minimal maintenance. They can also help homeowners save on energy costs.

MBCI Metal Product Line

MBCI arguably offers one of the largest product catalogs in the metal construction industry. It includes more than 90 different panel profiles to suit varying projects. Apart from roofing and metal products, they also sell retrofit products, insulated metal panels, components, and roll-up doors.

MBCI Metal Roof Products

MBCI has a relatively large product catalog for metal roofing panels to suit a wide variety of applications. There is a lot to choose from, whether you want to install an exposed fastener or concealed fastener roofing like standing seam.

Concealed Fastening Roof Systems

Consumers prefer concealed fastener roofs for their aesthetic appeal and durability. MBCI's Slimline option for residential applications lives up to these attributes. The panel features a sleek contemporary profile that is fit for roofs with a minimum slope of 3:12.

Slimline residential applications

Slimline panels have a coverage width of 16 inches and are available in standard 29 gauge with an optional 26 gauge. They come with standard striations finishes and feature Galvalume and 200 signature coatings.

Slimline pricing will depend on the net coverage. However, consumers should expect to pay $1.05 extra for panels that are four inches or lower.

The standard packaging will add an extra $0.10 per square foot with a minimum cap of $60.00. But consumers will pay $17.05 for LTL shipments with a minimum cap of $200.

Exposed Fastening Roof Panels

Unlike concealed fastener profiles, exposed fastening option features fasteners that go through the panel's surface. MBCI offers two different products for residential applications. These include 5V Crimp and Stormproof.

5V Crimp panels are suited for residential and light commercial applications. Consumers buying this option should ensure their roofs have a minimum slope of 3:12. Moreover, the roof deck should be solid and should have a waterproof membrane.

MBCI 5V Crimp

The panels have a coverage width of 24 inches, a ½ rib height, and a 12-inch rib spacing. They come with standard smooth finishes and have a standard gauge of 29 with an optional 26 gauge.

Stormproof panels are appropriate for residential applications. But they are not uncommon in storage, light commercial, and agricultural applications. Like the 5V Crimp, they also require a solid roof deck with a waterproof membrane and a minimum roof slope of 3:12.

MBCI Stormproof panels

The pricing for Stormproof and 5V Crimp panels will depend on the number of square feet. However, the price is $1.05 higher per every sheet four inches in length or lower. Of course, the total price must include the cost of packaging.

Packaging costs will depend on the type of packaging. For instance, customers only need to pay a flat rate of $10 for block and band. However, a package with block and band plus a waterproof paper wrap will cost $1.40 per linear foot.

You will pay $1.60 per linear foot for packaging that includes block and band plus a water sheet top. But if you add a water sheet bottom too, the price will increase to $ 2.80 per linear foot. Finally, an LTL package that includes everything plus angle board sides and ends will cost $3.50.

For 5V crimp panels, you may need to buy a minimum quantity for specific colors and panel gauges. Additionally, the maximum load per bundle may not exceed 75 units or 3000 pounds.

Standing Seam Roof Panels

Standing seam metal roof is a form of concealed fastener profile that includes vertical legs (ribs) which rise above the flat area. The metal panels are attached to the roof substrate using concealed fasteners. This makes it one of the most durable roofing systems in the industry.

MBCI's LokSeam is a standing seam metal roofing system with vertical legs ranging between one and ¾ inches tall that seam by snapping together. The panels have a coverage width of 12, 16, and 18 inches. These are available in Galvalume Plus, Signature 200, Signature 300, and Signature 300 Metallic finishes.

MBCI's LokSeam

The roof does not require a solid roof deck for support. However, it needs a roof with a minimum slope of 3:12. Although the panels have a standard gauge of 24, consumers can also choose a 26 gauge. Moreover, they can also choose between the standard striated finishes or the optional embossed striated finishes.

Prices for LoKSeam panels vary depending on the net coverage and must include the cost of standard packaging. With specific colors and gauges, consumers may need to buy minimum quantities.

Although buyers must specify whether they want striated or non-striated options, they do not need to pay extra. However, they have to pay $8.00 more per square for embossing. Similarly, there is a notching charge of $1.10 per panel and an additional cost of $3.20 for panels with lengths of 4 inches or shorter.

Moreover, consumers will pay $5.15 more per panel for panels with swaged ends. They will also need to pay between $4.20 and $6.30 more for panels with no mastic, depending on the coverage of the metal panels.

Curved Roof Systems

Curved roofs have become a growing trend, and many architects are getting on the action. MBCI offers curved panels for designers looking to join the bandwagon by incorporating new aspects into their designs, such as unique angles, great gutter options, and new edge finishes. Their catalog includes Craftsman Series – Small Batten, Curved BattenLok, and FlexLock.

Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated metal panels have better thermal performance and can significantly reduce a building's energy costs. MBCI offers CFR and LS-36 panels. The two have a non-chlorofluorocarbon polyurethane foam insulation that acts as a water and air barrier. Furthermore, it protects the panels from insects and rodents.


A good soffit system helps insulate the roof from the weather and keeps animals and pests at bay. MBCI soffit panels feature concealed fasteners that help reduce weathering and enhance durability. Their panels come in different styles to fit varying project needs. They include Artisan, FlexLok, and FW-120.

Underhung Canopies

MBCI offers two types of panels that can work as a canopy system: QwikLok and Classic Series. Both are used in concealed fastener systems.

Classic Series has a coverage width of 16 inches and is available in the standard 24 gauge and the optional 22 gauge. It can come with Galvalume Plus, Signature 200, Signature 300, or Signature 300 Metallic coatings. Also, it is available in a wide variety of color options.

On the other hand, QwikLok has a coverage width of 12 inches. It is only available in the standard 24 gauge and features a High Gloss White coating.

Metal Retrofit Systems

Consumers often have to choose between making repairs and retrofitting. While the former may cost less, retrofitting could prove to be more cost-effective in the long term. Apart from helping you budget and plan for your next retrofit project, MBCI also offers a variety of retrofit products.

Consumers looking for a durable and energy-efficient solution could consider the Double-Lok standing seam panels or the Retro-R exposed fastening panels. The latter will fit both roofs and walls and can be installed directly over the existing system, thus saving costs.

The Roof Hugger system utilizes sub-purlin systems and will fit any system. It can also allow consumers to install solar energy and insulation equipment. Other options include the light gauge (16 and 12) NuRoof system and NuWall panels that fit both new and retrofit wall systems.

How Long Does an MBCI Metal Roof Last?

MBCI metal roofs can last for up to 60 years. However, this lifespan is subject to proper installation and maintenance. Nonetheless, the roofs require minimal maintenance, and MBCI provides consumers with installation manuals and technical information to guide them through the process.

Comparing MBCI Metal Roof to Other Brands

MBCI's top competitors include but are not limited to Metal Sales Manufacturing, Union Corrugating, McElroy Metal, Whirlwind Steel, and Ceco Building Systems.

Established in 1976, MBCI is the youngest metal roofing manufacturer compared to the brands above. Nevertheless, the company gives the older boys a run for their money.

MBCI's success can be attributed to its dedication to providing high-quality products. They also offer consumers a wide range of options to choose from in terms of profiles, finishes, sizes, and colors. Although its offerings may not be the cheapest, they are certainly competitive.

The company also gets props for providing excellent customer support before and after purchases. That has made it stand toe to toe with some of its biggest competitors, such as McElroy Metal.

Is MBCI Metal Roof a Good Choice?

All factors considered MBCI metal roof is a good choice. The company offers quality products and helpful information to guide consumers. Moreover, it has a wide catalog of products for all applications, whether residential, commercial, recreational, or agricultural.

What to Expect From MBCI Metal Roof?

MBCI has an expansive catalog of metal roofing products available at competitive prices. Although you should not expect anything special, you can rest assured that their products are some of the best in the industry.

The company also has one of the most comprehensive resource centers. Here, you can learn all about their different offerings, industry standards and gather technical information. The center is also an excellent place to get professional help and answers to questions.

The staff at MBCI are a friendly bunch and are always ready to lend a hand whenever problems arise. They are also very knowledgeable about their products, pricing, scheduling, and technical information.


So, Is MBCI worth a try? The answer is a definite yes. Granted, no company is perfect. However, even with all its flaws (which are not many), MBCI is arguably one of the leading manufacturers of metal roofing in the country. Its dedication to producing high-quality products and caring about its customers keeps it at par with other metal manufacturing giants in the country.

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