Metal Sales Manufacturing Review 2024

Metal Sales Manufacturing is one of the largest metal roofing manufacturers in the United States. It is headquartered in Louisville. With over 55 years of experience in the business, the company is a nationwide leading manufacturer with a global reach.

Metal Sales manufactures roof and wall metal panels to cater to the residential, commercial, and agricultural industries. It has a broad catalog of roofing products that includes 19 standing seam panels and over 30 exposed fastener panels.

Metal Sales Manufacturing History

Metal Sales started as a single-location operator in 1963. Today, it has grown into an international supplier of roof and wall metal products, supplying the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

The company has expanded from a single-shop operator to owning 21 manufacturing facilities in 17 states. Its product catalog has also expanded to include standing seam, exposed fastener, and insulated roof and wall panels. It also sells flat sheets and metal retrofit roofing systems.

Since the firm's inception over 55 years ago, it has become one of the largest roof and wall panel manufacturers in the United States. Its annual estimated revenue stands at between $10 and 24.9 Million, and its labor force ranges between 200 and 499 employees.

How to Purchase Metal Sales Manufacturing's Roofing Products

Metal Sales has 21 manufacturing facilities in 17 states in the US. 

Use the Branch Locator tool on the company's official website to find the nearest outlet. Just enter your project's ZIP Code and click search. The locator will give you the name and address of the facility closest to your project.

Alternatively, you can use the Find a Distributor search tool to find a distributor near you. You will get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of potential distributors within your radius.

Pros of Metal Sales Manufacturing

Metal Sales must have done something right to get to where it is. Here are some of the positive aspects of the brand.

Broad Catalog of Concealed and Exposed Fastener Panels

Standing seam panels build the most durable and long-lasting metal roofing systems. Metal Sales has made it easier to find the most suitable ones for your project. It offers 19 different concealed fastener panels to suit varying designs and preferences.

The lineup of exposed fastener panels is even more extensive. With 39 panels of varying styles, rib height, and coverage, consumers looking for a cheaper alternative to standing seam are spoilt for choice.

Comprehensive Resource Center

Metal Sales' resource center contains valuable information to guide consumers during purchasing and installation processes of metal roofing products. The center features downloadable pdfs and charts, articles, videos, tools, and courses.

Cons of Metal Sales Manufacturing

No matter how great a brand is, there are always areas that need improvement. Metal Sales falls short in the following aspects.


Metal Sales' products are not cheap. Therefore, be ready to pay a pretty penny. The good thing is that you can depend on the quality of their products.

Offers Nothing Special

Granted, Metal Sales is an excellent brand. However, there is little that distinguishes it from other leading manufacturers in the country.

Inconsistent Customer Service

Customer reviews on Metal Sales' service are a mixed bag. Of course, hiccups are inevitable with a big company like this. That is no excuse, nonetheless. The company could do well to improve in this area.

Metal Sales Manufacturing's Product Line

Metal Sales sells a variety of wall and roof panels to cater to varying needs. These include concealed fastener and exposed fastener roof and wall panels, insulated metal panels, flat sheets, and retrofit roofing systems.

Standing Seam Metal Panels

Metal Sales has one of the broadest standing seam catalogs. They have a total of 19 different panels that differ in profile, seam height, and coverage. These are available in various colors, coatings, and finishes.


This Snap-On batten panel allows unrestricted thermal movement. It has a rib height of 1-1/2 inches and a coverage of 12, 16, or 18 inches.

The panel is available in 24 or 26 standard gauges, but there is an optional 22 gauge. You can choose PVDF, Acrylic Coated Galvalume®, or MS Colorfast45® finishes.


This structural standing seam panel is suitable for low slopes and longer spanning roofs. It has a rib height of 1-5/8 inches and a coverage of 16 inches. You can buy it in 24 and 26 standard gauges, but it has an optional 22 gauge.

The panel comes in Acrylic Coated Galvalume® or PVDF standard finishes. Clip-Loc can be mounted on either solid substrate or open framing.

Vertical Seam

The Vertical Seam features a snap-seam rib design that does not restrict thermal movement. It has a rib height of 1-3/4 inches and a coverage of 12, 16, or 18 inches.

The panel is available in 24 and 26 standard gauges, but optional 22 and .032 gauges are also available. Standard finishes include PVDF, Acrylic Coated Galvalume®, and MS Colorfast45®.

Here is a summary of the standing seam metal panels offered by Metal Sales.


Side Lap



Box Batten

Snap-on batten cap

Acrylic Coated Galvalume, MS Colorfast45, and PVDF

12”, 16”, 18”



Acrylic Coated Galvalume, or PVDF



Mechanically seamed

Acrylic Coated Galvalume, or PVDF

18”, 24”

Snap-Loc 24


Acrylic Coated Galvalume, or PVDF



Mechanically seamed

Acrylic Coated Galvalume, PVDF

16", 18"

Curved Magna-Loc

Mechanically seamed

Acrylic Coated Galvalume, PVDF

16", 18"

Vertical seam


Acrylic Coated Galvalume, MS Colorfast45, or PVDF

12”, 16”, 18”

Exposed Fastener Metal Panels

Metal Sales’ exposed fastener panel catalog is unmatched-there are 39 panels with varying designs, sizes, and finishes. Whether you want to complete a residential, commercial, or agricultural project, you are spoilt for choice.

The Pro-Panel II® and Classic Rib® are suited for barns, utility buildings, storage sheds, and light commercial applications. These can go over solid decking or open framing. But if you are looking for panels that can withstand heavy loads and cover longer distances, the V-Line 32 and the 7/8 inch Corrugated Roof are great choices.





1.25" Corrugated

Acrylic Coated Galvalume, Bare Galvanized, MS Colorfast45




Acrylic Coated Galvalume, MS Colorfast45


17 (26 gauge) 16 (29 gauge)


Acrylic Coated Galvalume, Bare Galvanized, MS Colorfast45, PVDF



DL-3 Panel

Acrylic Coated Galvalume, MS Colorfast45




Acrylic Coated Galvalume, MS Colorfast45, orPVDF


34(24 gauge), 17 (26), 16(29 gauge)

Wall Panels

Metal Sales’ wall panel selection is equally extensive. There are over 30 concealed fastener panels and over 40 exposed fastener panels from which to choose. These vary in profile, size, color, and finishes.

Flat Sheets

Metal Sales also sells flat sheets for those interested in on-site roll forming. These sheets are applicable to general use, including roof and wall panels, trim, fence application, and sign construction. 

Insulated Metal Panels

Metal sales offers insulated metal panels for both wall and roof applications. Consumers love them for their durability, lightweight nature, safety, and energy efficiency. Moreover, they are flexible and easy to install.

Retrofit Roofing Systems

Metal Sales offers two retrofit roofing options: Retro-Master and Roof Hugger. The former involves using additional framing members and new panels to change the structure and look of your roof entirely. The latter option means putting a new metal roof over the failing one.

How Long Does Metal Sales Manufacturing’s Roofing Last?

A metal roof will last between 40 to 70 years. With proper installation and maintenance, a roofing system from Metal Sales should last as long if not longer. Naturally, a standing seam system should last longer than an exposed fastener system.

Copper and zinc standing seam roofing can last for up to 100 years. Unfortunately, Metal Sales does not offer panels with these substrates. .

Comparing Metal Sales Manufacturing to Other Brands

According to Statista, 11.1% of construction companies used the roofing brand in 2018. That made Metal Sales the second most popular metal roofing manufacturer after CertainTeed.

Metal Sales was the recipient of the Chairman’s Awards in 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2020. The Metal Construction Association’s award goes to the MCA member company with the most standout building project.


Metal Sales is a premier metal roofing manufacturer in the United States. Moreover, it has one of the largest panel selections, offering over 50 different roof panels with varying styles, sizes, and colors.

The company has undergone immense growth and has gained a lot of experience in its more than 55 years of existence. However, it is prone to making mistakes now and then. Like other manufacturing giants, it is not perfect.

Flaws aside, Metal Sales is one of the leading manufacturers in the country. It produces high-quality roofing and wall products, and its extensive catalog is matched only by a few.

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