Aluminum Roofing Styles

Aluminum, an energy efficient sustainable building material, offers unparalleled advantages over asphalt shingles in residential roofing. Aluminum roofs come in a great variety of beautiful colors designed to accent the style and add grace to your home. Style with Strength: Aluminum roofs offer unmatched protection from snow and ice built-up, hot-beaming sun, and strong winds, … Read more

Green Roofing Meaning

Definition: The term green roofing has two meanings; actual green roofs covered with soil and vegetation, and energy efficient roofs that utilize green building technology to provide sustainable, Eco-friendly, and energy efficient building envelope protection. Green Metal Roofs Metal is a green building material that offers long lasting protection and can be recycled at the … Read more

Standing Seam Metal Roofing for Your Home

What is Standing Seam? In a nutshell, a standing seam metal roof is a succession of vertically-oriented, standing/laying sheet metal roofing panels secured in place by concealed fasteners, and connected side by side by means of an overlapping/locking mechanism forming a raised rib/standing seam. The metal panels are joined at the sides, with a connecting/overlapping … Read more

Long Lasting and Cool Flat Roof Solutions

What if there really was such an amazing flat roofing product capable of a flawless performance under any environmental conditions ranging from the tropical islands of Hawaii, to the harshest regions of Alberta, Canada, Maine, Vermont, and Alaska?What if there was…A kind of a flat roofing product that could provide tremendous energy savings during the … Read more

Meta Roofing Underlayments

Roof underlayment acts as water barrier installed underneath a metal roofing system. Essentially, it is a roof underneath the roof. It protects your roof from condensation that may form underneath the metal due to the differences in temperatures in the attic and outside. Synthetic underlayment became popular for use in metal roofing systems because of … Read more

How to Easily Measure and Estimate Your Roof [With Calculator]

Yes, becoming a professional roofing estimator / salesman could easily earn you well over $60,000.00 per year, with the right company. But, the main point of this DIY guide is to show you why it is important that a man who measures your roof and gives you an estimate knows how to do it correctly. … Read more

Residential Metal Roofing Prices

This in-depth guide to current metal roofing prices is based on a carefully researched and collected national data, and presented as an analysis and detailed explanation intended to provide information and shed the light on this “oh so mysterious unknown”. I decided to write this guide after being approached by many people who were frustrated … Read more