Standing Seam vs Exposed Fastener: Is Standing Seam Better?

exposed vs standing seam metal roof

Although standing seam and exposed fastener are both metal roofs that serve the same purpose, they differ in many ways. The main difference is how the panels attach to the roof deck.Exposed fastener panels are attached to the deck using screws that go through the face of the metal. On the other hand, standing seam … Read more

Corrugated Metal Roofing: The Cheapest Metal Roof Option

corrugated metal roofing

Before 1829, metal was rarely used as a roofing material since it would often warp or dent when exposed to the elements. All this changed with the invention of corrugated iron. Today, it is one of the most common metal roofing options available.Corrugated metal roofing is relatively cheaper and easier to install when compared to … Read more

Everything About Zinc Roof – Costs, Pros and Cons

zinc roofing

Zinc roofing is one of the best metal roof materials, falling short only to copper. Zinc and copper share similarities, like extended lifespan, superior performance, and they both form a patina. However, zinc has the unique ability to self-heal, something copper does not. So what else can zinc do?  Zinc is Slowly Becoming Popular As a … Read more

Steel Roof: Why Is It the Most Popular Metal Roof?

steel roof

Steel roofing is the most popular choice for metal roofing, mainly due to its affordable costs. But it’s also due to the material’s performance, visual appeal, and versatility. What is steel roofing? And why do people choose steel over other metals like copper, zinc, or aluminum? What is Steel Roofing?Steel is a type of metal composed … Read more

Is Copper Roofing A Good Choice? Costs, Pros and Cons

copper roofing

Among the many types of metal roofs, copper is one of the best materials with a long history. The distinctive look of this soft yet durable metal attracts the attention of many homeowners. But the high price tag can scare just as many away. Is copper roofing worth the costs?  Copper – The Oldest Type of … Read more

Standing Seam Metal Roof 101: Lifespan, Pros and Cons

What is Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofs are gaining popularity owing to their durability and impressive looks. This type of roofing incorporates features such as concealed fasteners and highly durable materials that can stand the test of time.Its panels consist of male and female legs that join at the seams. These are attached to the deck using a … Read more

Can I Choose Aluminum For the Roof? Costs, Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a lightweight metal roof material that won’t rust in harsh weather conditions, aluminum might be the material for you. Aluminum is one of the top choices for roofing and has superior performance compared to steel. And it’s more cost affordable than copper or zinc, which also don’t rust.What do you need … Read more

Modified Bitumen Roof – Best Choice for Flat Roofs

Modified Bitumen Roof

Picking out a new roof for your low-slope or flat-roofed home can seem challenging. But, unfortunately, typical roofings like metal and asphalt shingles are out of the picture, leaving you to wonder, what’s left? Some roofing contractors might recommend BUR (built-up roofing), an old-fashioned method of stacking layers (plies) of material – referred to as tar … Read more

7 Types of Flat Roof Systems

types of flat roof

Having a flat roof gives you usable space on top of your house for large air conditioning units, solar panels, or in the case of many apartments and corporate buildings, a garden terrace. But flat roofs also come with unique challenges and multiple styles. So what are the different types of flat roofs, and which … Read more