Cost of Metal Roof vs Shingle 2022

Cost of Metal Roof vs Shingle

Shingles have been the default roofing material for many homeowners, but metal roofs are slowly gaining popularity for residential and commercial properties. The roofing material you choose affects more than just the look and feel of your premises. It will have an impact on your heating and cooling costs as well as the value of the … Read more

Metal Roof Cost Per Square Foot

A metal roof is long-lasting and more durable than traditional options such as asphalt shingles. However, that makes it a more expensive option. But how much does metal roofing cost per square foot?The average cost of a metal roof per square foot is $8 – $15. However, many factors determine the actual valuation. For instance, … Read more

Shingle Roof Cost: How Much To Shingle a Roof in 2022

Roof shingles will help protect your home from the elements while improving its overall curb appeal. They come in various styles and materials, ranging from cheap asphalt to expensive options like metal.If you’re wondering what type of shingles to choose and how much it will cost, you are in the right place. This article compares … Read more

Gray Siding Colors 2022

Gray Siding Colors

It can be hard to keep up with trends, especially when choosing a siding color with too many options on the market. However, some popular choices seem unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Gray siding is one example.If you want a gray siding house, you are in the right place. Below, we review the popular options … Read more

Blue Siding Colors 2022

Blue Siding Colors

Blue is a popular siding color from coast to coast. And it’s no surprise. It comes in many shades, ranging from bright blue to almost gray. Also, its neutral tone makes it fit a variety of architectural styles.If you want blue as a siding color, you have come to the right place. This review will … Read more

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding or Aluminum Siding?

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding or Aluminum Siding

Aluminum and vinyl are popular siding options for many homeowners in the US. Apart from their attractive appearance, they are durable and low maintenance.However, the two still deteriorate with time. Also, they are susceptible to chalking and may even develop mold or mildew.So, is painting vinyl siding a good idea? Read on to find out … Read more

6 Vinyl Siding Colors and Popular Trends 2022

Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl siding is cheap and requires minimal maintenance. But it is its endless variety of styles and colors that are most alluring. However, choosing your vinyl siding’s color/s is not easy with so many options on the market.Additionally, trends keep changing over the years.Color plays a significant role in enhancing your exterior’s curb appeal. Choosing … Read more

House Siding Options 2022

House Siding Options

Are you thinking about replacing your home’s siding? You must be wondering, “What are the best house siding options for my house?”Siding plays a critical role in improving your home’s curb appeal. That’s why it is an essential investment for all homeowners.We understand how challenging it is to figure out the best option when spoilt … Read more

Siding Colors for Houses 2022

Siding Colors for Houses

The siding is usually the first thing you notice when you pull up into a driveway. So, it plays an integral role in determining your home’s curb appeal. However, choosing the right color for the siding might not be easy.There are so many options, and it can quickly become overwhelming.In this article, we tell you … Read more

Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations 2022

Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

Metal roofs feature a variety of colors to suit different styles and preferences. Choosing one that you like is easy. The trouble comes when pairing it with the siding color.The color of your metal roof needs to match that of your siding. The colors should not be too contrasting, nor should they look too alike. … Read more