Best Metal Roof Colors Options 2024(with pictures)

When debating on the colors metal roof, you have a wide range of options. Browse through our collection of 23 popular metal roofing colors.

Traditional or neutral colors are better for homes that you plan to resale, as unique steel roof colours tend to turn away potential buyers. 

Your location may also affect your decision on color. In hotter climates, light tin roof colors reflect more heat, reducing your energy bills. Each shade has different values that will help you make the best decision. 

  • SR (Solar Reflectivity) - the SR rating defines how well the color reflects solar energy into the atmosphere on a scale from 0 to 1. 1 is the most reflective, but most shades will be 0, followed by a decimal. True black is 0, and true white is 1.

  • E (Emissivity) - refers to how well the material releases absorbed energy into the atmosphere. Also rated on a scale of 0 to 1, with most colors falling as a decimal below one.
  • SRI (Solar Reflective Index) - how well the color rejects solar heat on a scale of 0 to 100. Standard black is zero, while standard white is 100. 


1. Regal White

Regal White Metal Roof

Regal white is a cool-toned off-white with a subtle grayness that blends well with contemporary style homes as a neutral accent to tone down other bold shades. 

2. Bone White

Bone White Metal Roof

Bone white is another off-white shade with slight yellowish hues. This shade goes excellent with a deep hue accent without coming off as bland, despite its neutrality.

3. Bright White

bright white metal roof

Bright (sometimes spelled Brite) White is a light white shade perfect for homes in hot climates due to its high reflectiveness.


4. Slate Gray

slate gray metal roof

Slate gray is a dark gray color that looks great for modern-style homes in colder climates where heat absorption isn’t a concern.

5. Ash Gray

ash gray metal roof

Ash Gray is a lighter earth tone that goes well in mountainous regions or houses built in the Plains states.

6. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal Gray Metal Roof

Charcoal gray is a versatile color choice for metal roofs that can suit multiple styles, including modern, ranch, or Victorian homes.

7. Dove Gray

Dove Gray Metal Roof

Dove gray works for Victorian-era homes and homes in the Plains, mountains, or anywhere that needs a subtle earth tone. 

8. Sandstone

Sandstone Metal Roof

Sandstone is a light earth tone that has reasonable reflective abilities. This shade looks great on Cape Cod-style homes due to its neutrality. 


9. Regal Blue


Regal blue is a dark blue that looks great on farmhouses, log cabins, and modern homes in colder climates, although it’s sometimes used in warmer locales too. 

10. Slate Blue

Slate Blue Metal Roof

Slate Blue is a darker blue that looks great on Craftsman and Farmstyle houses. Although better suited for colder climates due to being less reflective, it’s still a common color in warmer regions.

11. Tahoe Blue

Tahoe Blue Metal Roof

Tahoe Blue is another darker shade blue that looks great on log cabins, homes in colder climates and paired with dark brown or white accents.


12. Colonial Red

Colonial Red Metal Roof

Colonial Red is a darker red that’s close to a burgundy shade that provides an eye-drawing aesthetic when paired with barn-style homes, farmhouses, or Spanish designs paired with stucco walls.

13. Regal Red

Regal Red Metal Roof

Regal Red is a bright shade that looks great on white houses paired with multiple outbuildings. Accent colors for this tone include creams, blues, and olive green.

14. Brandywine

Brandywine Metal Roof

Brandywine is a deep dark red with rose hues that look great paired with gray walls and matching shutters and doors. Dark green, cream and natural wood tones also complement this shade.


15. Copper

Copper Metal Roof

Copper is a popular color choice for Tropical homes, going great with pastel-colored exteriors. Genuine copper will eventually turn from a bright shiny brown to a patina green.

16. Medium Bronze

Medium Bronze Metal Roof

Medium Bronze is a natural metal color that’s quite preferable in homes built around nature. The simple, understated shade blends well with mountain and forest settings.

17. Dark Bronze

Dark Bronze Metal Roof

Dark Bronze is another option used in most of the same settings as medium Bronze. Homes with modern, rustic, or Spanish themes would achieve a balanced aesthetic using this color.

18. Hartford Green 

Hartford Green Metal Roof

Hartford Green is a darker shade that complements homes built among nature. This shade matches well with wood accents, log cabins, and darker tones.

19. Patina Green

Patina Green Metal Roof

Patina Green gets its name due to the similarity to the chemical reaction that occurs over time as copper interacts with water. If you want that lovely greenish-blue color without installing copper, this shade would be perfect.

20. Evergreen

Evergreen Metal Roof

As with any shade of green, Evergreen is right at home for houses built to blend in with the natural surroundings. Wide-open spaces surrounded by dark green pastures will also mix well.


21. Matte Black

Matte Black Metal Roof

Matte Black is a flat black that’s slightly off from being truest black. While most people in warm climates like the southern states will avoid this color due to heat absorption, those looking to create a modern aesthetic may love this option, regardless of location.


22. Mansard Brown

Mansard Brown Metal Roof

Brown is always a safe choice for metal roofs for homes in any location and multiple color schemes and house styles.

23. Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown Metal Roof

Cocoa Brown is a lighter shade than Mansard, making it more favorable to high temperatures. It looks particularly well on farmhouses with bold accents.

Extra Tips for Metal Roof Color Choice

These are our picks for the 23 Metal Roof colors that are the most common or most suitable for most families. Before you decide on your target color and get ready to go, we recommend you find out more about Metal Roof.

Metal is also important, and different metal materials will affect the color of your roof. Do you know how to choose the best metal material? Please check this article to gain more professional advices.

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